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micaihujunshi· 2017-12-26 16:09:22

this year the Dongfeng -41 intercontinental missile model photos have been exposed on the Internet, Dongfeng -41 intercontinental missile long-range ballistic missile model is the most powerful Chinese developed, Dongfeng -41 missile a maximum range of up to 14 thousand kilometers, it is a considerable range, basically can cover most parts of the world, in the world should be in leading level. It uses the land mobile deployment of

based Dongfeng -41 intercontinental ballistic missile because the use of multiple heads active guided warhead, so it has strong penetration ability, can be used to simulate the anti missile system of false target against the enemy. In order to avoid the anti missile interception, China

has also developed a decoy warhead for the missile, which is equipped with thermal and photoelectric devices, which are designed to deceive the missile defense system. The number of American interceptors will increase in multiple times as soon as the 10 warheads can be installed in the Dongfeng -41 package. Such a powerful Dongfeng -41 missile cost is not cheap, so how much is a Dongfeng -41 missile unit?

" as everyone knows, the ability of China Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missiles can intercontinental ballistic missiles and Russia's most advanced comparable, we can reference to Russia's most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile as a reference price. In today's Russian production Ya Ersi intercontinental missile as the representative of the production price of about $100 million, and the price is just the production cost of the missile itself, Chinese Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile and its production price is expected. In addition, the purchase cost of the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile also includes R & D fee, test fee, design fee, and can also be understood as the initial investment of the research unit.

in the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile project, the overall research cost is estimated at around five billion dollars. Most of the cost of the research is spent in the early stage of the project, while the output of China Dongfeng 41 will not be too much. It is estimated that around 50, the cost will be apportioned to about one hundred million. To sum up, China's independent research and development of the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile has a purchasing price of around $200 million, but its strategic value is priceless. With 6-10 active nuclear warheads Dongfeng -41 has a maximum range of up to 12000 kilometers, will be the backbone of nuclear weapons China modernization strategy, the strategy is Jack protect our homes and defend our country.

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