The net friend is stunned: the homemade vector engine is equipped with the annihilate -10 test!

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zhonghuawangjunshi· 2017-12-26 16:09:28

online recently appeared a J-10 prototype suspected modified vector nozzle photos, so many friends are happy about China military for a long time, compared to the year on military forum said the so-called evidence f -20 what "micro vector", it looks obviously more firm.

" is this vague picture ~ I can see very clearly that

after the Internet there are a lot of knowledgeable friends began to introduce a variety of Chinese aviation industry history on vector engine anecdotes...... Of course, because they haven't much information, though they can't clearly understand the development of Chinese vector nozzle, they also introduce the long term unknown vector nozzle in China.

" this is obviously a wind tunnel model of -10 fighter, the 3D nozzle out concave shape, is indeed a model in the design of the time after the so-called vector thrust system "img_box"

is considered earlier f -8B, the use of more primitive baffles, but this thing is simple, then to study the X-31 vector or later Japanese mind are using this thing, bad Mody ~ but not on the stealth jet, the utilization rate is not high also obviously, after all

" which belongs to a roughly two yuan ~ this thrust nozzle loss will definitely not, for a machine called the type...... The publication of the 1994 is not too much to be imagined. In fact, the research on

vector nozzle of China's never stopped, not only the early models, and later the Taihang stereotypes turbofan -15 (hair refused to accept the nation debate), has a corresponding vector nozzle type, the pictures you should also have seen it.

, but why does our army do not use it? The reason is super simple, that is the lack of thrust!

vector nozzle as a means to enhance the maneuverability of fighters is naturally integrated into the design consideration. What is the first priority of improving the mobility? Have you ever heard of the energy maneuver? The thrust is the first! Why is the fighter -20 now unable to effectively make a tactical and super tour? Isn't that the engine thrust isn't enough! Then the vector nozzle, the weight loss, the thrust loss is also obvious. From low 3%-5% to over 10%, you can see that it is not easy to go too far, but the difference is not bad. It is good enough to close to 14 tons and cut off 10% at a time. Only 12.6 tons... It would not be more than cruise now. The United States is the vector nozzle, more because of large thrust leading engine technology can spoil ah ~ ~ anyway, you see F-35 fat, not very good thrust weight ratio is less, the United States provided to enhance mobility vector this code thing (F-35B that is going to take off vertically, not to improve the maneuverability the).

so, what time the world first-class domestic engine fix, before the vector nozzle is naturally here, we try the fruits fall off when ripe, good.

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