Business single written on the "help" bank staff processing uncovered MLM dens


guanchazhewang· 2017-12-26 18:19:08

, according to CCTV news, reported on December 26th that it was often seen in TV dramas with small notes. A few days ago, this scene was actually staged in a bank in Hanzhoung, Shaanxi. When the teller was doing business for a man, the man came in the business list and wrote, "save me!" "What's the matter with this?

happened on the afternoon of 3 p.m., and there were several people in the business department of Taibai Road in Hanzhoung rural credit cooperative union of Shaanxi province. They didn't seem to do business or plan to leave. During the two men, there was a dispute.

of Shaanxi Xinhe Hantai union Taibai Road branch teller Qu Bing: a tall boy sitting on the boy's arm in the pull, then tried to take him away, sitting position (seat) of the boy on the show is not obvious ANN, very afraid, not willing to go with him, then I think the situation is not good, then quickly put the megaphone open, loudly asked whether they want to transact business, beckoned to him. As the

boy sat in front of the business window, the tall man of black clothes tried to come over and monitor the conversation and have a threatening language. At the same time, the teller asked the man to withdraw from the one meter safety line, suggesting that his colleagues call the duty director to come.

of Shaanxi Xinhe Hantai Taibai Road Branch Association director Li Chunhong: after I got this information, immediately arrange for us to go in safety teller account, let her try to delay the time, this time we also two people were evacuated, all that we are quietly in.

of Shaanxi Xinhe Hantai union Taibai Road branch teller Qu Bing handed him an account application, would like to ask what specific circumstances, I handed him in the process of writing a "how? "Then, he replied to me," save me ", immediately put it in for me, and then I felt very bad. So we hinted at colleagues, notify the leader, and I said (write)," yes, you know, you are sitting here. We have called the police. "

six minutes later, the police arrived at the scene, the four people take away the inquiry. The man who asked for help was pulled into the pyramid marketing organization, and the same day he stressed him to the bank to pay the fee to the organization. According to the clues, the police found illegal pyramid selling strongholds in a private house near Tiger Bridge Road in Hanzhoung, a total of 25 people, including 6 minors, all from Yunnan and Guizhou. At present, all personnel have been repatriated by the police.

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