"You have no quality, you must be Chinese!"

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a lot of things to do not move on the moral point of view, morality is also related to cultivation, but it is mainly the product of the system and rules.

- 01 -

2017 in December 21st, and a Chinese tourists "news on the hot search. The

news says: "at 5 o'clock, in Thailand as Pattaya Park, two from the Chinese Chongqing tourists, to remind the team leader He Yongjie, to go to the elephant photo, was found out as the mahout.

, the two Chinese tourists are unwilling to run into the elephant park once again, and to caress and drag the elephant's tail. As a result, the elephant is irritated, and the elephant rushes to the two people and rushes past.

leader He Yongjie found that two tourists were in danger and rushed to the rescue. The

was rolled up by the elephant's nose and trampled to death with his feet.

this news came out, immediately aroused public indignation, we have condemned the two unruly Chinese tourists: "you killed He Yongjie. "Is the truth of


yesterday, Xinhua and other media investigated witnesses, and found that "fact" is not the case: "another elephant from another tourist group, suddenly got angry and went straight to our regiment through a pasture.

He Yongjie was trampled to death by an elephant in order to save an old lady of our group. "


in March this year, a" Chinese female tourists in Australia because of red light, was killed "refused a fine news, maxed out the friend ring. The news of

said, "a Chinese woman ran a red light when he crossed the road in Sydney and was blocked by the police.

women do not start SAPO, from the bag and pulled out a knife. After three severe warnings from the

police, she still ignored the police and was shot and shot by the police. "

this article, netizens have lamented:" too lost Chinese face, dead. The quality of "

" is not worthy of sympathy. "

later, this information was confirmed by the CCTV as false news:

" is that this person is not a Chinese tourist.

two is that this is not caused by a red light.

three was shot by an electric shock rather than a shot. "

- 03 -

during the National Day holiday this year, a" China tourists because of food not shut killed by police in the United States "article, also Huobian the WeChat friends this circle also allotted a video by:" a visitor from Shandong province Chinese, eat in a restaurant because of food appetite, so at the restaurant waiter.

American police came in and coordinated. As a result, the man not only scolded the American police, but also wanted to snatch the gun of the American police and was killed by the American police on the spot.

later, there are articles with certainty added, "the deceased surnamed Chen, a county in Shandong province is the wife, the beauty is to travel with the travel agency. "

users see this article: what is the quality of the filled with righteous indignation", true to Chinese disgrace. "

" regret, can not live.

Shandong provincial public security department to see this news, immediately launched an investigation, found that this is a completely false news: "this news it is deceitful, was killed in the video, is a male retired U.S. Navy personnel, because of trouble dissuasion killed by police. "

is not half hairy with Chinese tourists.

. 04.

"this rumor" is too much.

will come out every year, and every time we come out, we will be convinced that every time we believe in it is because we agree and agree in our bones: "the quality of Chinese people is low. "

" the quality of foreigners is higher than us. "

, so as long as this report comes out, whether it's written by our own media or overseas media reports, we have no doubt that it is true.

we are accustomed to the Chinese quality is low, so a lot of things even if we do not, we will be active.

2016 38, a "dozens of tourists in Thailand beach naked body dance" burst the brush circle of friends.

a look at the length of "Chinese face" naked Chinese, many netizens began to condemnation: "it is our Chinese. "

" is the quality of our Chinese. The results of the "

Thailand" world news "in a later investigation, found that this group of losers is Japanese.

- 05 -

foreigners, especially

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