Is the ovarian tumor serious, what is the harm?

The ovary the tumor the serious the harm there what the ovary it is the long the

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now there are many ovarian tumors can be found early, which is a good thing, to protect women's health is of great benefit. Indeed, ovarian cancer is not harmful to women's health. It can happen at any age, especially in the growth stage. The incidence is high, which accounts for 1/3 of the female genital organs. According to the European and American data, in recent years, malignant ovarian tumors are increasing. There are not many early diagnosis methods. The mortality rate is the first place in gynecologic malignancies, which is worthy of our attention. However, not all ovarian tumors are malignant, the classification of ovarian tumors is many, the common ovarian cysts, most of which are benign.

卵巢肿瘤严重吗,危害有哪些? "style=" text-indent:2em; "> 1 harm: when the cyst volume and position of trigger suppression due to the bladder, the patient will attack frequent micturition, urgency, urination difficulty, abdominal or back pain to play, and women's normal occupation living inconvenience.

卵巢肿瘤严重吗,危害有哪些? "style=" text-indent:2em; "> 2 damage: damage of ovarian tumor that is the biggest may cause torsion, perhaps in the external reason under the influence of trigger rupture, blood flow greatly in cyst corruption caused by pelvic, strong erosion mechanism of normal, thus causing infection cause peritonitis, symptoms of acute abdomen.

harm 4: ovarian tumors are disseminated, even if pregnant or may cause poor pregnancy. Ovarian tumors in early pregnancy may cause mid pregnancy is easy to form torsion of ovarian tumor, late pregnancy cyst larger can cause abnormal fetal position, the baby may be blocking the birth canal caused dystocia.

harm 5: ovarian tumors can cause internal osmosis, premature ovarian failure, and severe ovarian cancer.

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