Executive corruption, HUAWEI Ali Tencent which to the dark sore?

Senior executives corruption constant HUAWEI Ali Tencent which what the dark sore the high

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corruption is the acne that parasitized in the enterprise.

yesterday (25), according to media reports, HUAWEI consumer BG Greater China District executive vice president Teng Hongfei has been taken away from the investigation. This

, HUAWEI said, the original consumer business China District Sales Manager Teng Hongfei days ago on suspicion of non national staff of bribery, has been forced to take measures to the public security organs. On suspicion of criminal offences, the police are in the investigation. All of them are requested to disclose information by the police. HUAWEI has been doing business with the principles of honesty and business ethics, with zero tolerance for internal corruption.

also reported that Teng Hongfei had not been in the company for some time, and it had been known to most people at the top of the HUAWEI consumer BG.

according to the first financial journalists understand that Teng Hongfei had won the award this year HUAWEI internal management “ &rdquo, the blue blood Shijie; and in the terminal sector popular internal executives attention, but from December 19th onwards, Teng Hongfei micro-blog and WeChat stopped updating the circle of friends.

according to the current public information situation, the original department manager Hongfei Teng occupation, 2014 came to the HUAWEI office. He worked in NOKIA early and worked as a general manager of NOKIA west district and south district. He moved from NOKIA to Samsung in 2012, and became general manager of Samsung Electronics Southern China district.

as everyone knows, HUAWEI owns three business groups, respectively BG, BG enterprise operators and consumers BG, including consumer BG business covers HUAWEI mobile phone , tablet computer, mobile broadband, home terminal, home media terminal products, solutions and services and products, business intelligence and other modules.

consumer BG plays an important role in HUAWEI's revenue contribution. According to HUAWEI's semi annual report, HUAWEI's sales revenue reached 105 billion 400 million yuan in the first half of this year, up 36.2% from the same period last year, accounting for 37.23% of the company's total revenue.

in January 17th this year, HUAWEI released 6 &ldquo, the internal anti-corruption bulletin &rdquo, and informed the 6 former HUAWEI employees that they were arrested by the procuratorate according to law for their alleged infringement of intellectual property rights.

the 6 employees before leaving all consumers from HUAWEI BG, one of them is a hardware architecture design of Engineering Minister Wu, a hardware architecture design of human engineering architect Zhang, a man of a mobile phone PDU structure manager Yu a, three for the hardware engineering department architects senior engineer Kang Wang Lee. From management technical experts to ordinary engineers. They all left HUAWEI from November 2014 to April 2015.

HUAWEI said in a briefing that the 6 people have seriously infringed HUAWEI's intellectual property rights and caused huge losses to the company. In December 2016, they were detained by the Longgang Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen in accordance with the law, and were detained in the Longgang detention house. In January 17, 2017, they were arrested by the procuratorial organs, waiting for them to be severely punished by the law.

Ali and Tencent: internal corruption causes many executives to go to jail.

, like BAT tens of thousands of giant companies, can not avoid such a problem in the management of employees. Among all the problems, internal corruption may be the most troublesome problem for corporate managers. In July

2012, Yan Limin, the former general manager of Taobao Juhuasuan, was held in criminal detention by Yan Limin, the former general manager of Taobao Juhuasuan, on suspicion of “ a non state staff member of the crime of accepting bribes &rdquo. Half a year later, the court sentenced him to 7 years in prison for the crime of bribery. In

2011, the domestic group buying mode prevailed. Alibaba's Juhuasuan is also the leader in this field. In those days, Juhuasuan's transaction volume reached 10 billion 100 million scale, once occupied 50% of the market share of the domestic group buying market. However, in Juhuasuan's turnover increased greatly at the same time, the internal corruption cases occur frequently, in addition to a “ ” Yan Limin checked, 2012 Ali will be three employees dismissed and transferred to the judicial department, because they were in the process of investment by Juhuasuan position to seek illegitimate interests. In December 1st

2016, according to the interface news report, the vice president of Ali film, the general manager of the ticket, was taken away by the police because of corruption and bribery. The amount of bribes is estimated at the ten million yuan level. Then another Ali told reporters that Kong Qi was taken away in July 2016.

, according to Tencent technology reports, Ali pictures confirmed that the media mentioned events did not take place during the time of Kong Qi's Alibaba film industry, but also had nothing to do with the existing businesses of Ali pictures. In July 15th

2015, Liu Chunning, former vice president of Ali, was taken away by Shenzhen police for suspected commercial bribery. The whistle blower is Liu Chunning's former East Tencent. In August

2013, Liu Chunning entered Ali, the president of Ali digital entertainment , and Ali film executive director. Previously, Liu Chunning in the Tencent for 10 years, served as assistant to the president, is regarded as a confidant of Ma Huateng love. Before leaving in 2013, Liu Chunning was the general manager of the online video department.

Liu Chunning was taken away by police because he was suspected of commercial bribery during the Tencent's video procurement. Zhang Jun, the director of public relations at the

Tencent, said the Liu Chunning incident was due to the internal hearing of major corruption. “ last year, during a routine internal audit, we found that the first two years of video teams involved serious corruption. Immediately we reported to the police, the police arrested a number of incumbency, turnover and Supplier personnel, and

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