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what are the character characteristics of the Scorpio people? Scorpio symbolizes the rugged and stubborn life, is your constellation a Scorpio? Scorpio is in the twelve sign belongs to the water signs, Scorpio people in life will have a strong energy, Scorpio people will need every day to fill the target, once a day will lose the goal very hard to live. Do you know this character in Scorpio if Xiong Shen horoscope for 2018 is what?



2018 Scorpio horoscope Xiong Shen family

you and your family are in the emotional state, occasionally trigger disputes. The elders of the family have the opportunity to experience the feelings of the operation or experience of life and death, let them cherish life more, and understand that life and death are just a moment. Most people will decorate or repair furniture for their homes, and Uranus no longer has the form of punishment against Pluto. Your family life or family status will gradually improve. The improvement in 2018 will be more obvious.

face with family relationship, if you suppress your feelings, will hinder the family to better understand your emotions, leading each relationship filled with distrust. However, if you face your true feelings and show it properly, it is painful, but at least you can make your family see what you need. In 2018, your choice will also affect your relationship with your friends and family. Try not to be too harsh on them. But don't be afraid to tell them when to do something to offend you. Be loyal to your feelings, don't let the fire sign people come close to you, she / they may be trying for you. (fortune www.tiejiong.com)

2. Xiong Shen 2018 Scorpio career

November 8th, Jupiter will enter your house of money, let you increase in wealth, income growth. Your property value or values are rising. Although you have achieved very well in your career, your career development is not the most important concern of the year. There will be many changes in your career and job arrangement. Your career guard Sun will have three solar eclipses this year. Besides, your career palace will have a solar eclipse and an eclipse. As a whole, there will be five eclipses in this year, of which four will affect your career development or work arrangement. For example, your company will have policy changes, development prospects and personnel transfers and other arrangements, which will have a far-reaching impact on your future. On the other hand, you may consider the transfer to seek the new way, the author suggests that during this period of change if it is to consider the transfer is twice, because eclipses don't just affect you, will affect your work unit, so the conversion work does not represent the eclipse will be able to get rid of. The sun is a fast moving planet, so your career goals should not be long-term goals. We should consider short-term goals, and then consider another new short-term goal.

3. Xiong Shen 2018 Scorpio fortune

feelings in your relationships become more complex but full of excitement, Uranus has to stay for years in your house of couples, you and your partner relationship has been challenged and tested, some couples may not be able to cross the test and chose to give Uranus divorced. You need to do well to irrigate each other on issues dealing with relationships. If you are willing to pay the mind, heaven pays off, as long as you are willing to pay attention, the problem will be smoothly done or easily solved if you are not willing to pay, time and effort, your relationship will not be optimistic.

if you can give your partner a lot of independent space, it will help you to take a good breath of opportunity. Your love life will be very active this year. Your state directly determines how good or bad the relationship between you and your partner. Your mood is always warm and positive, and the aim is to talk to your partner about the good relationship you want, which is easy for you to do. This year, the sex life of Scorpio is frequent and the chances of pregnancy are very high. If there are no plans to get pregnant, you should plan a contraception.

for single people, Uranus in your house of partnerships, suggesting that the present is not a good time for marriage, the stars indicate that you enjoy the fun of more suitable peach romance into a promised marriage . At present, single people are more attractive to people who want to be in love. They do not think seriously about the future of their marriage. But these people can give you the excitement of love and enjoy the excitement and passion of love.

is not bound by marriage, and you can have more freedom to meet different members of the opposite sex, explore the social world, and expand the social network. The opportunity for love happens at any time when you are involved in social activities. During this period you will meet many people, they may be a speaking acquaintance soon, away from you, or met at a social occasion, you no longer have the opportunity to meet, you need to learn to adapt to the clutch interpersonal circle all along, attitude is the best.

Venus is your love guardian star, it is a very fast planet. This year, it will walk in different places, so your love relationship will change in all forms. Venus will be retrograde from October 5th to November 16th, and love seems to appear

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