What are the lovely places of the Libra woman

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a lot of people in life have their own lovely side, why a man and lovely are actually different, because the individual character's body is different, so a lot of time performance is different, for a Libra, what would be their lovely point in life? What is the loveliest girl in a Libra when they behave? Let's take a look at the introduction here.


1, elegant and smiling temperament is the most lovely. The lovely Libra traits most men can not stop, they hesitate is the expression, because Libra most have elegant temperament, so rarely see the good-natured Libra smile beyond expression, so the flat female duzui meditation, eyes ah turn to consider will make men feel hesitate cute, there is a power to feel.

2, outspoken. The Libra woman is never a dark word, opening the skylight to explain everything. They don't know what is only know is equivocate, outspoken person the attitude. They say one thing, two say two. When they quarrel with others, who is wrong is who is wrong, they are mistaken and admit it quickly, and the other party is wrong. They will never give up first. Such a refreshing character attracts many people.

3, pull skirt of the moment. Libra is an elegant princess. Their lives are very particular, such as the difference between eating western food and Chinese food, what flower bouquet they are wearing and what colors they are going to wear on Sundays. They are an erudite woman. Because of this, there are so many topics to provide the interpersonal circle that she has to deal with every day to have such good interpersonal relationship. Yes, they always are lovely, they are so bright, but only slightly pull skirt, tiptoe look, looked so cute straight people lost heart.

4, full of confusion. Libra always brims with talent, it seems that the world is not that they do not know the knowledge, but that one is never too old to learn, learning knowledge is endless. When the Libra heard a question that they couldn't confirm the answer, they all had their faces confused, but they didn't know they were very cute at that time.

5, is willing to avatar rose buds, adorn the satin skirt you wear at the party. The Libra girl is a pearl in the social circle. Although in daily life, they may also be attracted to people in casual T-shirts and jeans, but they need to dress formally and maintain courtesy, they will show you their most beautiful faces. The Libra girl is born to know how to behave, and what kind of talk is good enough. When they wear evening dress at the reception, laughter and smiling at me, you will understand what is the great lady! (fortune tellers www.tiejiong.com) when

Libra is the most lovable?

: Libra Libra always gives the impression more angry, lazy casual, they were born good temper, not only do things carelessly, and speak slowly, can be found in these women rarely angry in front of people, but also very few people can make them angry, in fact, Libra the heart also hope that I can get more wanton, don't end, this is also very tired, so they think, when their anger should be the most lovely ablaze with anger, after all, this picture is a rare, rare nature appears valuable. Summary:

for a Libra, when their biggest charm is their life in the center of straight, because many times they are a real, two said two people, their generous character, provoked a lot of people love, and when they were smiling. Is very lovely, elegant temperament that they will make people very love.

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