Ran Yingying's Zou Shiming entertainment IP, this time completely destroyed?

Zou Shiming ran Ying where did dad go

xingbapo· 2017-12-27 19:17:34

, a ran Ying Ying, who helped Zou Shiming out of the airport, made the eye disease of Zou Shiming become the focus of attention of the major media. The ophthalmologists in the hospital have made the conclusion that "the left eye is close to the disability standard".

" as a boxer eye injury may be normal phenomenon, has now reached the disability standard, visible Zou Shiming in the boxing ring desperately. Perhaps to see her husband Zou Shiming now broke a horror, ran Yingying, the simple injury between evolved into and broker Diablo disputes.

although the brokerage firm made clear, but the truth is not known. However, there is no such concern as Zou Shiming, even in the previous boxing and even the professional boxing. Perhaps this can not do without the help of Ran Yingying in the media industry, step by step to make the boxing king Zou Shiming into a hot IP.

strong neizhu or play fine body?

mango "mother is Superman" program, ran Yingying verified the phrase the weak woman is the mother of success ", set up a strong and independent neizhu design, thin body holding two children completely be nothing difficult.

" even trained side to hold the child again cooking technology.

" and a graduate of the University of Ran Yingying and Zou Shiming's economic affairs, and even some social work after retirement, these are all to her alone.

compared to the same time do not participate in the program, Ting Mei, such a face to face Ran Yingying is a model of superhuman mother.

is more perfect, such as why more loopholes appear one after another in high heels, holding two children to walk, even the program collapse picture was also netizens questioned overexert.

netizens questioned also in Ran Yingying here has been verified, even she said she is a full of controversy.

, since it is full of controversy, it will be more than that.

ran Yingying label in addition to Zou Shiming's wife, and a label is the former CCTV host occupation. But the CCTV host can be different from Qing Dong and Sa Beining, but the host of the CCTV outsourcing (Fu Fei) program.

", although not officially CCTV host, but ran Yingying media sensitivity or some, each with the appearance of Zou Shiming, not only as a show in the walk, but as to attract media exposure.

" every time Zou Shiming game, Jean Ying Ying will help out in the field to refuel, her dress and the cruel game crazy hit call misfits, Zou Shiming expression is not even the other star is also really shocked.

" and the most classic victory kiss

" in fact, Zou Shiming is not known for its Muhammad the identity of "Daddy where the father's identity but in" Xuan Xuan, a boxer for what will go to the variety show? Of course, this should be attributed to the wife of Ran Yingying social skills, can take the initiative to call the director recommended to participate in, that is the first guest person!

" since then, Zou Shiming's variety is completely open road, within a year in the "daddy go", "husband", "happy camp" and the recording of the program, more than 100 times the flight record is the best that, even when he was assistant said "I don't have to train every day, tired and fell apart, not to mention the Ming brother? ".

", of course, in the variety show Zou Shiming suction eye and suction gold, in the next 2016, is the highest honor defending boxing gold belt, and won the 2016CCTV sports non Olympic athletes influential man award, the phrase "I attended" daddy go "back, still take the title" from the ceremony.

this time Zou Shiming's eye disease recurred. Ran Ying Ying also had a good point to attract the media. He blamed the aggravation of the eye disease on the former brokerage company.

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Ran Yingying's Zou Shiming entertainment IP, this time completely destroyed?