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Japan children struggle

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recently, population statistics data released by the Japanese Ministry of health estimates that this year, Japan's new born population of only 941 thousand people, a record in 1899 is the lowest value since the statistics. A

estimate shows that the number of new births in Japan will be 941 thousand this year, falling below 1 million for two years in a row. The number of deaths this year is estimated to be 1 million 344 thousand, an increase of 36 thousand over the previous year. This means that Japan's population will be reduced by 403 thousand people this year, which is the first time the target is over 400 thousand.

"in the CCTV financial Global Connection"

on average, Japan this year every 34 seconds a person was born, every 23 seconds and one death. Every 52 seconds a couple marries, and this year the number of newly married couples is 607 thousand pairs, which is 14 thousand fewer than that of last year. However, every 2 minutes and 29 seconds, a couple will get divorced.

" at this rate, MHLW announced in April this year, the prediction results of 50 years after the Japanese population, Japan's population will fall below 100 million in 2053, to 2065, Japan's population will be reduced to 88 million 80 thousand. And more than 40% of the population at that time are old people! At that time, Japan's economy and pension sustainability will be greatly affected.

Japanese media commentary, Japan's phenomenon of less children is more serious, and the population is accelerating. According to the analysis of the industry, the main reason for the new low number of newborns is that people think that raising and educating children is too expensive and too high, so they cannot produce more children according to the ideal number. On the other hand, the inactive attitude of young people to marriage also has a direct impact on the growth of Japan's population.

a Japanese population dynamic figure

why cause this to happen?

since the disillusionment of the economic bubble in 1991, Japan's economy has been sluggish, known as the "lost 20 years". This leads to

under the age of 35 Japanese, facing the "lost 20 years"

"low desire society" from the sensible: refers to a struggle no longer can change the life of society, also is the main struggling young people, began to lose interest in everything around.

at this time, no matter how low prices, consumption can not be stimulated, bank credit interest rates have been repeatedly lowered, the number of homebuyers is decreasing year by year, most people are unwilling to bear the risk of housing loans or entrepreneurial failure.

low desire society, reflected in all aspects of society: for example, Japanese no real desire, no stocks of desire, not married no desire, the desire to shop, Indoorsman Indoorswoman more and more love, feel troublesome, supermarket feel redundant, a hand machine frame in all his life.

" in Japan from the beginning of 2005 negative population growth, lack of employment opportunities in small city, a large number of young people pour into the big city, small city and a large number of vacant housing, the big city is hard to find a room for men, the biggest influence, no money no real economic pressure in addition, for women, no money, ranked in the second position is the hindering factors of parents.

on parenting, Japan's National Institute of population problems and social security research minister Ishii Ta said that the main reason for the low number of newborns and innovation mainly lies in the fact that people think the upbringing and education of their children and the cost burden is too high, and therefore can not according to the number of ideal birth more children.

is different from the past. Children have to go to school until they are more than 20 years old to enter the society. So it can be seen that the young people in Japan do not want to live, but do not dare to live.

at the same time, the Japanese young people look at their parents hard life, more and more do not want to get married, marriage and age pushed high.

men feel that their marriage is like a money making machine, hard work, and can not meet the good life of the family. Women also feel married and have children, staying at home and waiting for their husbands to lose the value of their lives. So, both men and women, more willing to enjoy a free and single life. This leads to an average of 1 men per 4 in Japan and 1 out of 7 for every 7 women.

" they tend to not get married, no children, because they think it will make up for a lifetime burden, they tend to live a free life, a person living alone, dwelling.

, a big problem brought by low birth rate is consumption atrophy.

Japanese young people to buy a car, luxury consumption is like sniff at "home" culture;, three meals a day now.

though with the advent of Internet and the era of Internet of things, new technologies and new products emerge one after another. However, apart from a mobile phone, other commodities can no longer arouse the interest of young people in shopping. Don't see young people buying steam

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