The failure of women's cosmetic surgery to lifelong disability has hemiplegia with dementia

Rehabilitation circle of friends doctors blindness

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Wang Li, a girl from Ji'an, has been working in Nanchang after graduation. She sold the room in the sales department during the day, and became a yoga instructor after work.

Wang Li is the pursuit of more "perfect" face, in July last year, received facial fat filling operation in the "Nanchang medical beauty hospital, Dr. Hu said," before "is only a micro plastic, but during the accident, Wang Li fell into a coma and evaluated after cerebral infarction, cerebral hernia, hemiplegia, dementia.

's inspirational, beautiful Wang Li was completely destroyed by this so-called micro plastic surgery. What had she experienced since last July? How is the "Nanchang Hu doctor medical beauty hospital" for its operation? Wang Li in

circle of friends: inspiring, loving beauty, buying cars and buying houses. In the eyes of their parents and relatives, Wang Li is a very diligently and motivated girl. After graduating from secondary vocational school, he left alone to stay in Nanchang to fight for

. She sold her room in the sales department during the day and became a yoga instructor after work. She studied "nail" technology in her spare time and got a professional qualification certificate for the manicure division. After work, she works part-time as a professional nail.

2016 in June 30th, the night before entering Nanchang medical beauty hospital, Dr. Hu, Wang Li made a circle of friends: "baby, aunt to you...", with Wang Li and niece of the photo, the smiling face is always hanging on her face, let a person look very sunshine, a confident man.

gym Wang Li

Wang Li of WeChat in the circle of friends, often can see her figure in the gym barbell exercises, perspiration comes down like raindrops, waving a dumbbell, dynamic cycling pictures or video, which both praise and envy of friends. "What things bite can be quite the past, what I can solve.... always see the rainbow night, After rain the sky looks blue.! "This is Wang Li's June 21, 2016 dynamics, and also a beautiful self photo.

"you keep me small, I raise you old, the best thing in the world is no more, I have grown up, you are not old, I have the ability to repay, you are still healthy. - mother, mom, I love you! "In May 7, 2016, Wang Li updated the circle of friends, picture and mother's photo.

Wang Li's inspirational, hard work, in the eyes of the relatives and friends, as early as 2014, with his own ability, Wang Li bought a car. In 2015, she bought a house in Nanchang.

fat filling: is it beautiful? Is it destroyed?

" plastic surgery before Wang Li

side Yan, Wang Li spirit popular actress Yuan Shanshan". For the pursuit of more "perfect" face, the morning of July 1, 2016, Wang Li agreed to in Honggutan "Nanchang medical beauty hospital, Dr. Hu" accept facial fat filling.

during surgery, Wang Li appeared in a coma, and then become unconscious and dying, the same day at 5 pm, this beauty will be sent to Wang Li hospital in First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University in the rescue, and inform their families.

's mother Lei Chunlian said, "we got to the hospital immediately after we got the news. We saw that Wang Li was unconscious. The doctor said the situation was very serious, so that our family could be prepared mentally. The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University

doctor explained, Wang Li appeared edema doing fat filling during the surgery, resulting in brain vascular blockage, blocked, to implement emergency craniotomy.

hospital saved her life after a craniotomy for Wang Li. After the operation, Wang Li had been in the hospital for rehabilitation until he was discharged from hospital in March this year.

Lei Chunlian said, "it's just a micro plastic" that preoperatively said, destroying my daughter's life, Wang Li. Now Wang Li, diagnosed as cerebral infarction, cerebral hernia, right hemiplegia, motor aphasia, left deafness, loss of intelligence and other syndrome, life-long disability.

Wang Li: the difficult road to medical treatment, told Wang Li

may not rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation treatment in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University during the period of response are the Wang Li could not recover completely.

Wen Huicai, director of plastic and aesthetic Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, told Wang Li's family members that fat embolism is a complication caused by fat entering into the ruptured blood vessels and reaching an important organ with the flow of blood.

"the blood vessels of the face and head of intracranial blood vessels are the eye, these traffic, if in the course of the operation of a ruptured blood vessel, it is likely to enter the fat inside the vessel, then go to the head, plugging in the head of a fine veins, causing a loss of consciousness or blindness and even death. "

Wen Huicai cautioned: any operation including micro plastic surgery is risky, so we must know more about preoperative operation and choose regular medical institutions and experienced doctors.

in January 18th this year, Wang Li and his parents were admitted to Ji'an Second People's Hospital for rehabilitation with Wang Li. For a period of one and a half months, Wang Li's condition had not changed significantly. The doctor told him "this is the way it is." On the 3 th of

9, Wang Li and his parents arrived at Beijing Bo'ai Hospital rehabilitation center in China.

doesn't know much about parents in the countryside. Whenever they hear others say which hospital is good, they will rush to where they want to go, and they will sell their family property at all costs, only thinking that their daughter Wang Li can recover. < /

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