Why is the country most afraid of winning 5 Israeli wars in the Middle East?

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according to the French "Le Figaro" website reported on December 17th, in Syria since the outbreak of the civil war, in the face of Israel found more and more "Iran issue". The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad official Cima Chahine said: "we are very nervous.

from the Israeli attitude towards Iran over the past few years we will find that Israel is very worried about Iran, and even some fear. In Iran, the Israeli government will be nervous. Because Obama pushed and signed the Iran agreement, the relationship between Israel and the United States had a big reversal. So, we can't help but ask, what is the reason why Israel is so nervous or even afraid of Iran?

to clear the problem, we have to talk about from the long-term perspective, this people of Israel and the Israeli Palestinian issue.

stands in a neutral position, and the Jews are a worthy nation. The Jewish people are not only smart but tough, they have been out of a lot of great elites. The two people we know most are Marx and Einstein. Think of a lost country in the world, the fleeing nation of two thousand years, actually immortal also achieved the world today, perhaps the only Jew. Therefore, the nation is worthy of respect.

but, standing in a fair position, China must also support Palestinians because the Jews are Palestinian land. At first, after the first World War, the Jews returned to Palestine as refugees, and they were warmly welcomed by the Palestinians. However, with the discovery of the great backing of the United States, Jews have robbed too many Palestinian territories, and the conflict between the two sides has been more and more intense. The Palestinian living space has been compressed very little so far. It is clear that this is unfair and is an act of power.

" on the left shows the first picture, is the territory in 1947 the Israeli and Palestinian control, after 30 years of immigration, the Jews have control of Palestinian territory in 56%; the middle second map is the 1967 war in the Middle East Pakistan to control an area map at this time Israel has control of 78% of the territory; the third picture is in 2000, Israel has been in control of the area 92% of the territory. Moreover, Israel is continuing to expand its expansion in the West Bank of the Jordan River. In fact, Israel's goal is to control the whole Palestinian area, and then carry out a national program, namely, the Jewish control of the entire Palestinian Israeli region and the integration of Palestine into Israel.

is very nervous about the continuous expansion of Israel and the whole Middle East countries, because once Israel has occupied the area of Palestine and Israel, then it may continue to expand outwards. It is on the basis of such factors that the Middle East has only fought 5 wars. The 5 Middle East War was accompanied by the victory and expansion of Israel.

continues to win, continue to expand Israel in the Middle East as a bully, who are almost not afraid, not afraid of the main composition, especially by the Arabs by Saudi led Gulf countries. But in recent years, Israel is becoming more and more afraid of a country, that is, Iran! Why is Israel afraid of Iran? In the end, there are five basic reasons:

, after the Islamic revolution in Iran, is a theocracy and extremely powerful nations.

after World War II to the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran was a puppet regime under the support of the United States and a constitutional monarchy. The United States has been playing the role of the vassal, eventually led to the Islamic revolution, the overthrow of the Pahlavi Dynasty, Iran became a theocratic state.

the main ethnic group in

is the Persian nation. The Persian nation is an ancient nation with a very strong character. In the victory of the Islamic revolution, Iran has not gained a firm footing in Iraq Sadam regime in the United States under the support of the invasion of Iran, the Iran Iraq war lasted for 8 years, he was in an invincible position on Iran, and finally to Iraq to fight poverty, prompting Sadam launched the invasion of Kuwait's actions and triggered the Gulf War and the Iraq war later. After the end of the Iraq war, Iran national development strength, is now one of the most powerful country in the Middle East military capability.

though Iran's military equipment is much poorer than Saudi Arabia or Israel, Iran has strong independent manufacturing capability, and more importantly, its strong operational capability is far from Saudi mercenaries. In this regard, we look at the recent operational performance in Iran and Saudi Arabia. That is to say, Iran is fighting IS in Iraq and Syria. That is the destruction of the city. The multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been fighting for so long for Hucai militants, and the strength of hucse's Armed Forces is stronger and stronger.

because Iran is an Islamic country, its interior is unity, it is more powerful in Iran. In the face of such a country, no one is afraid to underestimate, including the United States. The United States could launch the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq war, but he did not dare to launch the Iran war. Even the United States does not dare to hit Iran, can Israel be not nervous?

two, the population, military strength, and sustainable energy of the war in Iran

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Why is the country most afraid of winning 5 Israeli wars in the Middle East?

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