They admit: in this two on war defeat, the two opponents too strong!

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, can we win the battle if we have strong military power? As we all know, the US Army is the most powerful country in the world, and the military budget is 3 times more than that of China and Russia. Its naval power is the most powerful, and all the countries in the world are not rivals. So, such a powerful United States, can beat Russia in any environment? "

" aircraft carrier formation

recently, the U.S. strategic analysis of the most authoritative think tank Rand Co to make report, United States military modernization progress has lagged behind in the competition, not facing the challenge from China and Russia, if the outbreak of war, is likely to encounter defeat!

the future of the outcome of the war is not at the conclusion of the paper can strength. Not long ago, the Rand Co contrasted the conventional military forces between China and the United States. The results of the United States and China were 2.7 to 1, and the US and Russia was 4:1. But even so, Rand believes that the U. S. forces are still very likely to lose the war under specific environmental conditions.

Chinese aircraft carrier

. First, although the U.S. Army is strong, but it is widely involved in global affairs, the military expenditure is much, but the cost is too large. While China and Russia can keep most of their funds for military construction, especially the fastest economic growth China serving new equipment at an unprecedented speed, the modernization process can be said to be a thousand li a day with the army, the gap is shrinking.

although this is the case, the U. S. Army's position as the world's hegemon is still unable to be shaken in the short term and still has greater technical and strength advantages. Then why does the Rand Co say that the US forces face a tragic defeat? The reason is the factors on the ground.

first, if the United States and Russia are to fight in Eastern Europe, the US Army will be directly covered by the Russian rocket military tactical missile. And Russia's S400 air defense system will also make it a cemetery of the US air force.

Chinese anti intervention system forming

second, in the east direction, China anti intervention strategy has been mature, within 2000 km of the United States has almost become the carrier area, all military facilities and Chinese bombers, ballistic missiles, fighter -20 will be able to destroy the second island chain of the U.S. military war once the US military is no advantage at all.

so we should know that the unconquerable myths of the US Army have been disillusioned long ago,

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They admit: in this two on war defeat, the two opponents too strong!

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