US media review 2017: natural disasters, scandals, shooting, tragedy

The United States Harvey Puerto Rico

zhongqingwang· 2017-12-27 20:31:17

, according to U.S. media reports, in the past 2017, the United States natural disasters continue, many scandals, and a mass shooting tragedy staged connection. The three hurricane

powerful attacks along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, sexual harassment complaint Liaodao media, Hollywood and Washington political circles many celebrities, and record the history of the United States the deadliest shooting in Las Vegas, and the town of Dezhou church which shot gun case, that all Americans share the grief.

2017 September 12th, a wreckage of a house destroyed by Hurricane Eyre MA in Florida, USA.

, a super strong hurricane, hit the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean Sea in Mexico, which killed more than 200 people and lost billions of dollars in. According to the National Hurricane Center, the 2017 hurricane season in the Atlantic was the fifth most active record in 1893, 1926, 1933 and 2005.

8 month of Hurricane Harvey swept through the Caribbean Sea, killing 84 people directly or indirectly due to typhoon killed. Then hurricane Eyre Ma hit the Caribbean island in mid September, then swept across Florida, killing 95 people and 62% of the district in Florida. 10 days later, hurricane Maria attacked Puerto Rico, killing 64 people, and destroying the infrastructure on the island. There was no electricity for several weeks after the storm, and the progress of reconstruction is still very slow up to now.

10" at the beginning of the month, "New York Times" exposure of Hollywood gold producer Harvey Weinstein alleged sexual harassment more than women, the scandal and a number of western countries lead to large-scale industries revealed the phenomenon of sexual harassment network agitation.

sex scandal to subvert the media and politics

more and more entertainment, media and political fields declared by women in place high weight people sex discrimination speech, sexual harassment and groping. After dozens of women accused the Hollywood producer of Weinstein's sexual harassment and sexual assault, millions of working women launched the #MeToo campaign through social media, sharing their stories of sexual assault or sexual harassment, so they were selected as the cover of time magazine.

in the media industry, well-known TV news presenter Bill O'Reilly, Raul (Matt Lauer) and Ross (Charlie Rose) were accused of improper sexual behavior.

in the political arena, the Alabama Senate candidate Moore (Roy Moore) by the control of sexual harassment, finally losing Republican voters and defeated; Michigan senior Republican congressman Conyers (John C. Conyers Jr.), Minnesota Senator Franken (Al Franken), Arizona congressman Frank. Adams (Trent Franks) are also being controlled because of sexual harassment and resignation.

local time on the evening of October 3rd, a lot of people gathered in the vicinity of the United States of Las Vegas city The Hotel At Mandalay Bay, hoisted the American flag, with the light of a candle and flowers in late October 1st that condolences to the victims of serious shooting incident. China and the new News Agency reporter Zhang Shuo

shot a large-scale shooting shock the United States

this fall, the two large-scale shooting incidents shook the country. Paddock, a 64 year old retired accountant, fired 58 people and injured nearly 500 people on the ravway Garth Avenue in October 1st.

after five weeks, the 26 year old Kelly killed 26 people in a small church in Dezhou springs in Suitland, which is similar to the shooting deaths of the more than 5 tragedy.

in the United States, a small part of a mass shooting still accounts for only the number of gun deaths each year. According to one statistics, in the 14088 homicide cases this year, there were 417 cases of death and injuries, except for the gunmen, with more than four people.

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