Be careful! A number of Chinese citizens were detained and sentenced in India

India Ministry of foreign affairs Calcutta

zhongxinwang· 2017-12-28 12:07:32

, 28 December, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in India, a number of Chinese citizens have been arrested, fined, investigated, prosecuted or even sentenced by law enforcement agencies for alleged violations of India's local laws in recent years. To this end, Chinese Embassy in India Chinese citizens special tips in India or planned to go to India, must strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations are as follows: India

photograph: Chinese ambassador to India Museum website.

, do not carry or incidentally India customs expressly prohibit or control of gold, foreign currency or equivalent checks, such as the need to carry personal use in India, customs within the limited amount of gold, foreign currency or equivalent check entry India border ports shall be printed in advance to the customs declaration;

two, in the Indian territory do not buy, do not hold or carry or mail, rosewood ivory, rhino horn and other contraband;

three, India visa and stay at the same time, should pay attention to check the visa, to avoid illegal detention overstaying visas in India;

four, in India, the illegal work, does not engage in any activities and visa to go to India the purpose is not consistent;

five, shall not be altered to a single trip ticket into India airport sent to relatives and friends or guests;

six, will not be allowed without the permission to go to India India official restrictions on foreigners The area.

if the above provisions are violated, the light is fined and the penalty is sentenced. Chinese Embassy in India also hereby prompt the parties, such as the case of Indian law enforcement, to actively cooperate, and in the first time actively responding to hire a lawyer, for a favorable verdict or judgment.

at the same time, please contact the relevant cases in time to report the Chinese Embassy in India. The Chinese embassies and consulates in India can safeguard the personal safety of the Chinese citizens involved in the case and the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises or legal persons in India, so as to ensure that the parties get fair treatment, but they cannot tolerate or protect the illegal behaviors of the involved parties.

India alarm phone: 0091-100.

China Embassy in India consular protection telephone: 0091-9810597886.

Consulate General Consulate protection telephone in Calcutta: 0091-9163390711.

Consulate General Consulate protection telephone in Mumbai: 0091-9769581336.

global consular protection and service call center call center for Foreign Affairs: +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991.

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