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aifaner· 2017-12-28 15:17:30

near the end of the year, another Microsoft Surface Surface has been put on the shelves, this time the current version is the current version.

Microsoft as early as May of this year to sell a crisis, that is the upcoming LTE version of the Surface Pro laptop, but that on a sell sell for half a year.

" at the beginning of December, Microsoft is on the shelves of the LTE version of the Surface Pro, but not everyone can buy it only for business users.

, a consumer - oriented version of Microsoft, says it's going to be open until "some time" in 2018.

" but Microsoft seems to want to extend the LTE version of Surface Pro is faster, so will the LTE version of Surface Pro today, the official name of "Commercial Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced" (yes, that's the name for Microsoft Mall shelves) all the people are buying online.

currently on the shelves of Microsoft mall's LTE version of Surface Pro has two configuration and price options, the appearance of the above and the standard edition is no difference. However, the choice of the processor is only i5, and the price for 4GB+128GB is $1149, and the current price of the non LTE version is $849.

i5 8GB+256GB version is priced at $1449, while the corresponding standard edition is priced at $1099, it can be said that the LTE version of the price to be higher than not less than the standard version.

in addition, the LTE version is also not directly equipped with the Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen, if you want, you need to pay extra money to buy.

Microsoft did not disclose information about the capacity of the battery, but said it had the maximum endurance of 13.5 hours.

LTE version of the Surface Pro processor is still Intel's seven generation i5, but use a Qualcomm snapdragon X16 modem supports 20 LTE band, basically to ensure that users can be used worldwide. The first Microsoft

for enterprise users launched the LTE version of the notebook computer, then will be gradually extended to the consumption level, while the ARM version of the computer equipment also appeared in the summit Qualcomm snapdragon this month at the beginning of technology.

we will see more ARM version Windows notebooks in 2018, and I don't know by that time, will the traditional PC field see signs of recovery? Figure

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