Russia has Chinese card fighter export neck the miscalculation

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houzhijian· 2017-12-28 15:20:05

has been an extremely fatal problem in the history of Chinese aircraft export.

as the power heart of the aircraft, the engine performance is not good, the performance decline fighter will be very serious; and the reliability is poor, it is a matter of life and death; failure rate and maintainability, and directly determines the length of time the aircraft nose in a year.


" for a long time, China in trainer, fighter jets and other small and medium sized military aircraft, can provide more stable performance of the engine model is not much, only some of the turbojet and turbofan engine based on the Spey 9. But in addition to outside 9

turbofan Feibao no suitable fit models, while Flying Leopard itself as a fighter bomber, is a typical attack aircraft, restricted in international military trade.

map: TF-731 engine

K8 is the most lucky Chinese export models, the aircraft itself with outstanding design, has won the American Honey Well Company's own version of TEF731-2A-2A engine -- domestic performance decrease after renewal.

excellent aircraft platform and excellent engine, to create a K8 reputation in the world, its sales performance is very good, exported to dozens of countries, is to reverse the adverse China aircraft international image: low performance, poor quality, difficult to maintain service models.

FC-1" is a major breakthrough in the three generation Chinese machine exports, but due to the originally equipped with MIG 29 Russian RD-33 engine, its ability to open up the market by the Russian people Ross firmly stuck his neck. Almost Pakistan is the only way to introduce Russia's whole machine model (India equipped with Soviet 27 and MIG 29 Series). Russia will allow FC-1 to occupy the market.

such as Egypt previously owned K8 trainer aircraft production line, the outstanding performance of K8 based recognition has higher military China mentality; also understand from a practical point of manufacturing Chinese aircraft design, the platform and engine level serious realities; not determined to continue "simple and crude engines are not made by. What letter you made a good platform for aircraft".

in the FC-1 project cooperation, the original two sides to continue the successful model of K8, has reached agreement on the introduction of production line. As a result, Russia ended up in a horizontal bar, allowing MIG 29 to successfully annex the FC-1 market with a neck to limit the engine's exit.

of Egypt for the MIG 35

the same situation appeared later in Sri Lanka, the country had to buy FC-1 fighter, was finally dumping 6 Sue 30 russia. The aircraft was returned to India in 2008 because of its bad performance and poor quality, and was not sold in the Bala Aganovich repair factory.

low FC-1 fighters, even by Russia as Su 27 and MIG 29 series of export deep hatred; so if you want to export the J-10, Russia will do is no doubt. If you can not get rid of the dependence on the AL-31F series, the J-10 does not exist on the competitiveness of export.


recently installed the J-10 engine thrust vector and the success of the flight test prove that the engine is more and more mature in china. The flight performance of the J-10 itself is belongs to the upper level in the three generation machine, the new J-10 B/C although the flight performance has declined, but the price is the best level of avionics, the world's three generation machine.

as long as the Taihang engine can keep up with is not left behind, a critical moment can struggle to live in what is now the J-10 B/C gas; the international market, there is a very high three generations of machines in the high-end market competition potential.

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