The J-10 flew 6 years to throw the engine purchased from Russia so short-lived?

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The life of the

Russian engine has been the object of the outside teasing, the main reason is that the life of the Russian engine is too short.

, for example, the AL-31F basic repair period is 300 hours, the largest 900 hours. By the beginning of this century, it has been upgraded to 500 hours and 1500 hours. The latest 117S used on Su -35 has been overhauled for 1000 hours, with a maximum of 4000 hours. Even if it's 117S, it's too much less than the American engine. Is it a technical gap or a different computing standard? Today, the northern defense has come to talk about it.

equipped with AL-31F engine early destroyer, because the cause of engine life must be changed in a few years. Later, our country deals with Russian made engines.

answers this question. First of all, we cannot ignore technology gaps, but we can't ignore standards and concepts.

throughout the Soviet Union and even Russia's military history, did not make ready for the great battle, several endanger national survival of the war is enemy attack directly to the mainland, then slowly the Russian counterattack. This experience allows Russian weapons to cope with sudden threats, which can be seen in all kinds of air defense weapons, warships, and even the operation of the AK-47.

aircraft, the Soviet fighter still has to consider large-scale war, and whether it is just after the second world war or a possible outbreak of nuclear war, combat conditions for this kind of environment is very bad, not good weapons could support to hundreds of hours. For example, AL-31F overhaul every 300 hours is equal to repairing 1~2 once a year under peaceful use. When facing a large war, it can also be used. Conversely, if the engine life is very long, the technology used is relatively advanced, and, of course, it is more expensive, and then it will not take that long in the war, so it will be wasted.

Su / Russian war love crisis "turn the tide"

so Russian weapons life is to calculate the battlefield conditions, such as just the end of the Syria war, the Russian military is in the desert terrain in the open space, extreme weather conditions and harsh conditions of runway operation the logistical conditions on military aircraft, it is not necessarily qualified. If

is as bad as the Russian army, it may also be a question mark for the life of the American engine to maintain its data. Just according to several wars in modern times, the US army always gets good airport and logistical conditions before fighting. Therefore, if we want to maintain the logistic conditions of US arms, it is not easy for us to do so, but the US Army can do that. Therefore, the so-called "use of American weapons on Russian military conditions" seems to be a false proposition at present, and the United States does not suffer from the logistical conditions.

" Russian fighters in Syria the use of harsh conditions, but under the conditions of high strength combat aircraft showed high availability of

on the other hand, if the Russian engines with American Standard Logistics and maintenance, is not to be able to extend the life of it? The answer must be no! 2 aspects of the score:

first, the design concept is not intended to use so long, that can be relaxed on the specifications of the material. The same material, can be used for 900 hours and 4000 hours, the quality must not be the same, the price is also bad. So it's OK to want to design 900 hours and take a little longer to maintain a little longer, but it's impossible to prolong life.

, moreover, the requirement of aviation equipment is very strict. The 900 hour rating means that after 900 hours, even if it looks normal, it must be replaced. Because the time of authentication is 900 hours. No one can guarantee what happens when they exceed the time limit, and a plane usually falls when an accident happens, so when the time comes, even if it is good, it has to be changed.

F-15C" the use of the engine, the data for far better than the same period of Russian

engine so whether American Yangfa Russian engine, the engine with Russia or the United States, AL-31F is less than the Western engine life is almost certain. If the maximum life time is 4000 hours, the difference between 117S and Western engine is not so large. Then it is possible that 117S will not be inferior in actual combat conditions.

is speaking of actual combat, in fact, the life of the engine is calculated by the number of cycles, and it is to say that the number of engine rotations should be more accurate. And the combat status is definitely more life consuming than usual.

as far as peacetime use is concerned, the life of 117S is still shorter than the Western engines of the same period, but it is not as essential as the AL-31F. As mentioned earlier, the basic repair period of AL-31F is 300 hours, calculated by 150~200 hours a year, 1.5~2 has to be overhauled once a year, 4.5~6 should change engine, and the life of the body is 2000 hours or 20 years, that is to say, we should use 3~4 wholesale motivation in the life cycle of aircraft.

" Russia sold HuaSu -35S fighter after China 117S engine spare "inevitable"

and to the Su -35S using 117S, the overhaul period into 1000 hours, which is 5~6.6 years of cultivation

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