The United States stepped on Russia 's "red line" and Putin gave a tough warning

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haiwaiwang· 2017-12-28 15:21:56

"is in an unprecedented valley. "Recently, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev made such a judgement on us - Russian relations. Facing the relationship between the two countries that has never been able to warm up since 2017, a series of unfriendly acts in the US recently became more and more urgent.

map is July 7th, in Hamburg, Germany, President Trump (right) talks with Russian President Putin. The Xinhua News Agency / the United States and the United States

, the United States and the Russian "red line"

recently, between the United States and Russia have a cold. On

12 22, the US State Department said in a statement that the United States provided Ukraine with "enhanced defense capabilities", which is consistent with the goal of helping Ukraine build long-term defense capabilities. American Broadcasting Company reported in the report that the total defense package offered by the United States to Ukraine amounted to 47 million dollars, including the javelin antitank missile that Ukraine government had always wanted.

has learned that for the Ukraine government's request that the US provide javelin and anti tank missiles, the Obama administration has refused to worry that Ukraine's use of us made missiles to attack Russian tanks may escalate the conflict to the international level.

this time, for Russia, the move of the United States is no doubt "crossing the red line" on the Ukraine issue.

, Vice Minister of foreign affairs of Russia, followed by an angry response, saying the United States pushed Ukraine into a "new round of bloodshed." Prior to this, Putin also warned that the United States of Ukraine to provide military assistance to escalate the conflict.

as a matter of fact, the United States has recently been displeased with Russia not only in Ukraine.

12 month 18 days, Trump served as the first national security strategy report, which mentioned Russia more than 20 times as many as the majority of Russia accused, said Chinese, Russia "revisionist state" is the "competition", and that Russia's nuclear weapons is still the most important threat.

Britain's Financial Times said that the new US strategy does not correspond to the gentle tone that Trump often shows when he talks about Putin.

at the same time, the U.S. sanctions against Russia have not been relaxed. According to the British "Jane's Defence Weekly" reported that recently, the United States government in violation of "the inf treaty" on the grounds, and the two Russia Company listed on the "export administration regulations" entity list, will be reviewed on its export, and implement the policy of presumption of denial.

, for this reason, Pat Rusche J, Secretary of Russian Federation security conference, said that the US sanctions against Russia were not only a manifestation of unfair competition, but also a violation of international law. The Russian Ministry of foreign affairs believes that the route established by the new national security strategy is not an equal constructive cooperation with other countries, but a confrontation.

the pressure inside and outside the interleaved

although Trump in the earlier campaign and beginning jollier Putin, but since 2017, has always been the constant bickering between the United States and Russia, the relationship between the two sides did not improve.

recently, both the beauty of Ukrainian arms sales, or the United States in the new national security strategy of Russia's strong showing, these are the continuation of the 2017 US Russian relations deteriorate, it will give the relationship between the United States and Russia continue to have a negative impact. "China Academy of Russian Eastern Europe and Central Asia Research Institute researcher Jiang Yi in an interview with this reporter, said the analysis, in which the pressure of the United States is more obvious, which is related to the cognition of Russia's current international status, is also influenced by American domestic politics.

has always been regarded by the United States as one of the most important threats to its national security due to differences in ideology and competition in the field of military security. After the administration of the Trump administration, this kind of understanding of Russia is particularly prominent in its strategic team.

, "some of the US's strategic people believe that Russia is one of the strongest nuclear power countries in the world. It has the ability to play a destructive role in the traditional security issues and the international security order led by the United States. Li Wei, a researcher at the national development and Strategy Institute of Renmin University of China, analyzed to our reporter that under the guidance of this thought, the Trump government must take more tough measures against Russia than the former Obama administration. In the recent period of

, Russia's role in solving problems in the Middle East and other regions was highlighted, making the United States more nervous and worried. The US national interest cited the 2017 poll of young people in Arabia. 21% of Arabia's young people believe that Russia is the main ally of their country, which is 17% higher than that of the United States. Some analysis pointed out that the strong performance in the Syria battlefield had made it easier for Russia to make friends in the Middle East. Russia and Turkey, Egypt, and even the American traditional allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, have come closer. As the Russian new society said, after the military intervention in Syria, Russia became a key player in the Middle East, and it also made the Middle East countries understand how profitable it was to deal with Russia.

, "the United States has felt that Russia has the upper hand trend in the Middle East. Therefore, we hope to further increase the pressure on Russia by using the Ukraine issue, which will be a key issue in US Russia relations. "Jiang Yi said.

Li Wei also believes that at present, Trump has basically abandoned diplomatic strategy to ease U.S. - Russian relations, which is partly due to the pressure caused by "Russo gate" in the US.

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