God plays the big hole! PuYi has a Russian anti ship missile on his visit to Japan

Japan anti ship missile typhoon level missile

huanqiuwang· 2017-12-28 15:22:07

in recent years, the war Oratorio in bizarre plot, poor props to make military fans very distasteful, although the recent 2 years has improved, but the "Sherman M1" that the brain still kept the hole overhead weapon, recently found that Oolong premiered on 2016 history of the war drama "Oriental war" appeared on the amazing scene, reflecting the puppet emperor PuYi's visit to Japan in 1935 by the old Japanese Navy warships of the scene, actually had a Russian supersonic anti-ship missile.

"1935 Poyi's visit to Japan according to the old

1935 in April 2nd, the Japanese emperor Pu Yi to thank the Royal brother Chichibu Palace Yongren visit, arrange to visit Japan by the Japanese Imperial army. PuYi from Changchun departure, take the train to Dalian, the Japanese army also sent "Hiei" warships and frigate to Dalian to meet. He boarded a Japanese warship, inspected the Japanese warships, in the excitement, the puppet emperor on the spot to compose a poem: "the sea is as smooth as a mirror, thousands of miles of sailing, two state to permanent east. "

" on the battlefield of the East "Hiei"

"in the eastern battlefield scene, is indeed the historical facts, but apparently no research advisory props.

a ship as reflected Puyi Hiei appearance, is completely deviated from the truth as a tall bridge, King Kong class battleship 356mm main gun and other features, is a little like the period of Sino Japanese War ironclads style, in addition to bow kikumon chapter with an air of importance others belong to external fabrications, Hiei a lot of photos online, props and so history consultant not take heart is drunk.

"in real Hiei

but this is not the most outrageous, when the scene shot from the ship to the deck Puyi, so Oolong startling scene appeared in the tongue.

"in front of the SS-N-12

poem Puyi deck has 2 launch device of large cylinder double assembly, a look quite familiar, this is not the Kiev and Minsk on the aircraft carrier P-500 (SS-N-12 sandbox) supersonic anti-ship this missile, aircraft carrier killer is the last century until the 70s Soviet equipment, P-1000 later improved also equipped with Slava class cruiser, how to travel back to 1935, also joined the camp?

"Baku (today's super king) comparison on SS-N-12

, the United States military movie props very elegant. Such as the famous

theme of the cold war military blockbuster "the hunt for red October", in order to play the typhoon class strategic nuclear submarine out of Hong Kong scene, the crew at the cost of using 2 barges tied together to build a 1:1 and not what the difference between the real version of typhoon model, the 90s Hollywood blockbuster "true lies" the AV-8B harrier fighter, is the model made by 1:1, and is not a movie special effects.

"on the hunt for red October although it still

film in computer 3D technology driven more and more realistic, but any military history theme movie, don't ignore the props is exquisite, or really may be called God of war opera hat.

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