Music, as the launch of the scene of the ecological platform for large screen shopping guide the new era of ecological consumption

Ecology big screen

diaoxidianshang· 2016-05-16 22:50:28

< p = "margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 15px; line-height: 1.75em;" > 5 July 15, music in Beijing held "super love + conference, announced super TV daily CV consecutive week break billion, beyond the music, as the PC terminal, the mobile terminal, m station become the first music as traffic terminal platform, and based on the original open closed loop music as ecology in the super TV launched ecological class products - the music, as the big screen purchase.

family scene type large screen eco shopping platform And music, as the big screen purchase is not only a desktop product, more is a complete platform, content, terminals, application support across the terminal, runs through the ecological screen shopping ecological system, with video , scene, ecology, platform < / span> feature .

in addition, based on super TV another big screen product of operation of ecological music as a child, the joint industry before 10 educational institutions jointly launched million family education program, invested 5 billion yuan of nurturing high screen ecological education.

  < span style = "line-height: 1.6;" > Music by new marketing communications vice president champion said, the super TV as a unique ecological TV, not a television, but a set of through vertical integration of industrial chain and cross industry value chain reconstruction to build open closed loop big screen Internet ecosystem. Style= line-height: "1.75em

Super TV multi profit model can truly to premium brand premium and hardware, allows users to pay only for the core values and let TV from hardware premium era into the era of ecological consumption.

as a music video screen purchase the world's first ecological level partners, Europe sent home group chairman Yao Liangsong attended the conference.

in addition, music as intelligent terminal Research Institute also will be joint CTR Market Research Co., Ltd. jointly released the music as a super large screen television ecological hair Development Research Report ", creating an ecological service standards, lead the development of the industry, sustained for users to create new value.

three years LETV mongolianeye running   super TV fans with each family to grow

the conference, as the new marketing communications vice president title first reviews the three years the super TV development process and the impact on the industry.

2014 in music as a super TV sales of 150 million units, 2015 annual sales of 300 million units, and goal for the year 600 million units if successful completion, the entire television industry in China, music as super TV 100% annual growth rate may history has grown the fastest TV brand. Style= margin-top: "10px

whether is the lynx, the East and the entire television industry, the super TV almost a monopoly of all record of television, dominance of the industry difficult to shake.

LETV large screen

data display, 2016 big screen shopping market will exceed 100 billion yuan, to 2020 amounted to nearly 1500 billion yuan. Among them, more than 36 years of age groups accounted for nearly 8 of the traditional TV shopping user crowd into.

music as eco marketing the screen and Taiwan business operations center, general manager of Jiao Zhenjie said, with traditional TV shopping crowd than the main users of the super TV is much younger, 21 and 35 years of age accounted for 75.1%, to relax the cap at the age of 45, accounted for as high as 93.9%.

previously, music has been in the big screen shopping for the little attempt, but found the industry with a distinct data.

8 -18 points of the period, LETV super large screen television shopping behavior and industry by phone, scan code payment data are consistent, respectively 74.9% and 25.1%, indicating that the main period of people buying age too large;

but in 18 - 8 of the time period, the proportion of scan code to pay by phone, for 30.4% and 69.6%, which has a great gap with the industry data, the time to buy the main crowd the young man.

  < span style = "line-height: 1.6;" > she think that young people market shopping on the big screen there is significant demand, but the demand has not been fully tap and satisfied.

at line-height: 1.6;" > big screen shopping shopping Does not match with the young man's life trajectory, guide old, poor shopping industry impression, and business APP only as simple export channels, lack of depth operation displayed in the form of a single, young people and is not willing to , even big screen as line-height: 1.6 > the first family scene type large screen eco shopping platform, with video ; ecology, platform of four core strengths, Be able to effectively style= line-height: "

music, as the big screen purchase as ecological platform for businesses and users are assigned to. Whether it is television shopping businesses, third-party TV platform, TV shopping service operators, brands, music store, mesh network, service provider of commercial operations or the majority of users, depending on the big screen purchase in the content production, marketing tools, traffic support, transaction process, full system, financial support to provide integrated services and perfect experience.


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