Fifth times in the year! Japan carried out Chinese copycat diplomacy

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changanjiezhishi· 2017-12-28 20:36:10

Japan carried out Chinese copycat diplomacy, also played awfully, this year has been fifth times!

recently, Japanese Foreign Minister Kawano Taro visited Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan River and held talks with the heads of Palestine and Israel. Kawano pointed out that Japan will make full use of good relations with the two sides so far to create an environment for the resumption of peace talks.

's partners in China's diplomacy may know that as early as a month ago, China put forward that we were "strong supporters" of peace between Palestine and Israel. A few days ago, representatives of the two parties in Beijing foreign minister Wang Yi met with China to attend the third Palestinian Israeli peace seminar, once again expressed the Chinese side is willing to promote peace talks to continue to play a positive role.

12" on Sept. 22, foreign minister Wang Yi met in Beijing to attend the third Palestinian Israeli peace Seminar on Israeli and Palestinian representatives.

has previously reported in Russian media that China has successfully played the role of the mediator between Palestine and Israel.

Chang'an Avenue director APP found that Japan has been "following the wind" for a year, chasing Chinese footprints for diplomacy. In addition to the Palestinian Israeli problem, the areas involved also include Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

in Philippines, since President Duthel Te took office, often with Chinese "close interaction", which made the Japanese feel jealous". Up to now, Andouble has met Duthel Te for the four time, and has promised to give 1 trillion yen aid gift in the next 5 years, financing for the Philippine capital construction project and rebuilding the Malawi city destroyed in the struggle.

" it is worth noting that Andouble in a joint statement both highlighted the security issues in Asia, "said President Duthel Te and I confirm that we are two marine countries, have a common basic values and strategic interests. "He also said that the two countries will work to address issues of common concern, including the Korean issue and" a free and open India ocean - Pacific region. "

is also in Southeast Asia. When Andouble visited Kampuchea in August this year, it not only invested 800 million dollars in the feasibility study of Kampuchea light rail project, but also provided a $240 million free subsidy for Kampuchea government.

. According to a video circulated on the Internet, Hong Sen and his delegation welcomed the birthday song. A man in a suit, with his birthday cake, slowly went to Hong Sen, and Andouble, who was beside him, got up and applauded a birthday song. The surprise birthday surprise also surprised the officials.

at that time, Wang Yi was attending the East Asia cooperation series foreign ministers' meeting in Philippines. He said he talked very well with Kampuchea and Laos, and reached the draft of the South China Sea code of conduct (COC) in advance. "As for the bilateral relations between China and Kampuchea and Laos, the bilateral relations have developed very well. There is no problem and will continue to maintain a healthy and stable momentum of development. This is also a miniature of the development of China and ASEAN. "

this, Japan's Sankei Shimbun" analysis, Kampuchea is Chinese "supporter" in the ASEAN countries, Japan and ASEAN in Chinese compete for influence in the background, the use of economic means to support Kampuchea, be in Japan to strengthen the ASEAN diplomacy in the region, "change the balance of" breakthrough. Japan must strive for Kampuchea's support, which will be very beneficial to the expansion of Japan's influence in ASEAN countries. Japan's foreign ministry said more openly that Japan expects Hong Sen's visit to "make Japan - Cambodia friendly relations on a new stage."

is not satisfied with the pursuit of Chinese diplomacy in Southeast Asia, and Japan has also extended its tentacles to Central Asia and Africa. In response to the "

Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, the five Central Asian countries is an important participant, is also an important beneficiary. In May this year, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio attended the meeting of foreign ministers of the five Central Asian countries in Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan.

Kishida told reporters at a joint press conference that in order to strengthen the transport and logistics field which is most concerned about Central Asia, including the projects already decided, Japan will provide about 24 billion yen (1 billion 480 million yuan) scale assistance. He also revealed that about 2000 people will be invited to study in Japan in the next 5 years to contribute to the training of talents. At the meeting, Kishida conveyed the conditions for the release of business and tourism visas that would relax the countries of Central Asia to Japan.

can't even miss our good brothers in Africa, and even try to lock the caption of freedom of navigation on Africa's head.

" Kyodo News reported earlier, the Tokyo International Conference on African Development ministerial meeting ended in August 25th following the presidential statement, Japan and African countries long "confirmation" is important to obey the rules of international law on the sea. The Japanese foreign minister said at the meeting that the maintenance of the marine order based on the principles of international law, such as freedom of navigation, is the need for peace, stability and prosperity in the world.

soon, the Chinese listed "the face" Japanese media evidence. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying explained that the Tokyo African Development International Conference (TICAD) ministerial follow-up conference did not pass the so-called "Chairman's voice."

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