Third mothers killed after divorced by the wife's marriage

Li Gang derailment express

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Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhang Hailing Mao Xiaohua text / photo) having an affair because his ex-wife and Taizhou Xinghua man Li Gang, Yixing man Wang Fenglai Li Gang Xinghua found 78 year old mother Wang Juan, the son and his ex-wife to sever relations. Modern Express reporter learned that, after being refused, the king will kill the old man angry. In December 28th, the intermediate people's Court of Taizhou sentenced the case. Wang Feng was guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to death for a period of two years, deprived of political rights for life.

a court after hearing the law to identify the

site, the second half of 2016, King Li Gang met with his ex-wife Zhao Mei, after the development of the relationship, the situation is that after the king, had a fight with Li Gang, and came to Xinghua to find the family. In February 27th

2017, Zhao Mei and Wang Feng were divorced from Li Gang.

thought of his ex-wife and divorced himself in order to be with Li Gang. However, Wang Feng came to Xinghua from Yixing in the morning in the morning of March 28th, and found Li Gang's mother. He wanted him to persuade Li Gang to break the unlawful relationship with Zhao Mei.

however King requirements was the old lady refused, two people after a dispute, Wang Fengxin complaint, the head and face, causing the death of the elderly boxing card cover stuffy nose and mouth, neck and choke Zhasile neck etc..

after the forensic identification, Wang Juan with card and cover stuffy nose choke strangulation caused by mechanical asphyxia death.

on the 31 day of the same month at 18 hours, the public security organs seized Wang Feng in Yixing.

court that Wang Fengben hope has 78 year old son and his ex-wife to persuade the victim to sever the relationship, after being refused, two cases of verbal disputes, Wang Feng is killing the elderly crime, vile and cruel, subjective malignant deep, should be severely punished. The

court declared that Wang was sentenced to death for two years and deprived of political rights for life. (the name of the man is the name of the chemical)

(editor Zhang Yu)

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