The wife was given a husband after a divorced wife was divorced.

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all the two years and five months, she never saw her son again.

that day, her sister shouted downstairs, "A Jie, children, they were taken away by them." Chen Ping (a pseudonym) like crazy, open family relatives rushed downstairs to peace, ran across the bridge, across has no son figure … &hellip

; she was heavily stunned. Even so, Chen Ping never thought that he would never see his son ever since. was sentenced to a divorce case a month ago. The first instance court awarded the child's custody to the man Lin Wei (the pseudonym). Chen Ping can't think about it.

also involves a privacy issue, and Lin Wei is suffering from azoospermia! The child is in the forest with the consent of Chen Ping, the women's Hospital sperm bank sperm and their eggs and IVF pregnancy. , in Chen Ping's words, is not his own.


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lawyer Chen Ping broke the news to the media, and provides the court of first instance verdict.

from the verdict, the case is not complicated. In 2009, the two sides got married. By the end of 2013, they had children through IVF. In July 2015, the woman filed a divorce suit, and the court dismissed it in August 18, 2015. generally, if there is no domestic violence and other special circumstances, the court for the first time the prosecution usually cannot be sentenced. In

2016, the divorce lawsuit was brought up again. In November 7th this year, the trial of the court left the court at the sea, and the children of were brought up by the men to raise . In terms of child custody rights, the court considered the factors that are "children live with their father for nearly three years, and are familiar with their living environment and living habits", and "men lose their fertility". The

woman said the man's home had taken the baby,

Chen Ping and Lin Wei, thirty. The parents of both sides do business in the north and south, they are parents who introduce and know the marriage.

"has been a bad feeling," Chen Ping said, Lin Wei was like a child, playing games all day, and late at night. Later, everyone thought about a child who was feeling better, and at this time Lin Wei was found to have azoospermia.

the children in Zhejiang, the provincial capital, not easily won, Chen Ping used a sperm bank sperm, received three times of artificial insemination two IVF, finally successful pregnancy, premature children born in August when pregnant.

Chen Ping said, for a child can improve the feelings of husband and wife, she early cold heart, as a test tube baby, she hospitalized for three months, Lin Weilai visited her only two or three times. children were diagnosed with congenital heart disease after preterm birth. "Only I was looking for a doctor with a child." So when the children were more than 2 years old, Chen Ping put forward a divorce, "take it on his own, and be quiet."

Chen Ping made a divorce, and she never thought that the little thing that had been sticking around her from birth would leave her. In August 9, 2015, Chen Ping was in Changxin. In the evening, the husband's family came to a car of five people, Lin Wei's aunt and aunts, and others, everyone said to talk about, on the two floor of Chen Ping's room.

child, at this time, was held by sister Chen Ping on the other side of the river. The sister said that it was Chen Ping's mother-in-law who took the child out of her hands and quickly left.

two years and five months, she never saw a child

reporter tried to contact Lin Wei, told the phone number is empty. Chen Ping's mother-in-law, the old man said, the court has been sentenced, all you go to ask our home court.

children do not see her, Chen Ping returned to Hangzhou, a scene, it's all things, her alarm. But Chen Ping still didn't see the child. After the husband changed the lock on the door, Lin Wei changed the telephone. Chen Ping often go to her husband area at night, looking at the light in the window, there is no child's voice, listen to the breath but no.

so, in two years and five months, Chen Ping said she had never seen her children again. Lin Wei also saw Chen Pingdi's "two strangers" in court hearing.

in the interview, Chen Ping has been saying, for two and a half years, the baby didn't know me. When I was taken away, I just wanted to fight the vaccine. I didn't know if the vaccine had been played. She repeated over and over again, let people hear straight out, and very sad.

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marriage family trifles, moved to the court, especially the custody issues, we should have a no matter what the children depend will offend people.

, a first instance judge in the coastal court, said that the case has been appealed to the woman now, so she will not express her opinion.

some people say, this father and the child have no blood relationship, why do you want to follow the father? This

is legally required, during the existence of marital relationship, the two sides agreed to by artificial insemination, the children should be regarded as the couple's children