The person who does not buy a house "makes"! The housing system has set the tone

House price November property market break out

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many people call 2017 the first year of the Chinese housing rental market. This year, a series of new turns the stage, the country more than 50 local governments all encourage rental housing policy, the just concluded central economic work conference also proposed to "speed up the establishment of multi agent supply, multi-channel support, and hire purchase housing system.

with the return of housing to residential properties, people's ideas and expectations are also changing.

1, and people are gradually purchase rental rent to buy long-term rental gradually become the mainstream of

in the CCTV financial "economic information network"

on the consumer side, the idea of people began to change, and in the supply side, more and more market players are entering the housing rental market, the property market in the "light resale rent" phenomenon is quietly changed.

since November, many commercial banks have announced their entry into the housing rental market. In addition to providing credit services for renters and businesses, commercial banks also set up rental platforms for renters, market rent and housing price index, and participate in Housing leasing business in an all-round way.

general manager of the Beijing branch of Construction Bank China housing finance business Chen Shu said, they integrated the 70 types of products, including the enterprise leasing leasing loans and personal loans, through these products, can the construction and operation of service enterprises, the whole chain cycle, through these products, the main parties to meet related needs in the rental market in the.

" in addition to commercial banks, Internet companies also use their own advantages in the housing leasing, Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent and Hangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen official cooperation three, build lease information service platform.

insiders believe that the reason why the rental market has long lagged behind is that there is no matching system, the rights and interests of renters cannot be guaranteed, the main body of the rental market is lack of standardization, land supply and related financial services are missing. At present, a number of market supporting systems, such as capital, market main body and land supply, are gradually improved, and the lease market is expected to have substantial progress. Yang Xianling, the dean of the

chain home Research Institute, said that the lease itself is the most important part of the reform of the housing system. The core of the reform is that you have to build a system that allows the leasing market to have a development basis, such as the lease. The so-called purchase rights, how to lease the rights, how to implement the security, the leasing of land leasing, how to meet the financial facilities how to meet.

source: CCTV financial

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The person who does not buy a house "makes"! The housing system has set the tone

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