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How do

stars are made?

little boy to the gorgeous transformation of big star? How to get rid of the

star long residual curse?

doesn't have the story of the ugly duckling becoming white swan.

only has the fairy fairy transformation and mature temperament. The footsteps of

beauty have never been slack.

, they are better than you.

Krristen Stewart

-- offbeat with brave to do their own


any style easy to manage


girl in her glamorous

fetishism rational in the cool enough to pull cold enough

she plays the guitar singing in the wild

in her Twilight Vampire love

was born in the city and performing family means to pursue an acting career fate, she loves sports, reading and writing......

fashion fashion

comes with the rejection she more anti fashion, more wear in daily life is extremely simple, but fans think that the tide was not, the cover of major fashion magazines had been occupied, cooperation and laobiye convinced her to insist on his own right.

fetishism rational


is only 9 years old, because she is in the school Christmas play once in a helpless in the talent scouts found short appearance in the fantasy film "little handsome fish", embarked on the road performing arts. As a single mother to a lot of trouble in the movie "tomboy" in

11 when the safety of objects, in fact in her still a perfect symbiosis beautiful young girl lengao and glamorous, is enough to pull cool and very pity.

12", the thirteenth Young Artist Award for best actress nomination with suspense thriller film "panic room", as Judy Foster's daughter suffering from diabetes in.

13, by virtue of the thriller "Xiongzhai" in performance, won the fourteenth Young Artist Award nomination best star.

14, "for the first time as the female lead in the three" catch that kid, leading computer genius Max Thieriot and Jose Okobin Blue machinery group consisting of robbing the bank.

14 years old "home for the first time served as echoes of the rainbow" heroine, the three leading computer genius Max Thieriot and Jose Okobin Blue machinery group composed to rob the bank.



18 years old beautiful party, swept the world.

Twilight plays the role of Isabella, a seventeen year old girl. Krristen Stewart won the eighteenth MTV Movie Award Best Actress Award and the eleventh Teen Choice Award best movie actress award.

director commented: "especially Bella who played Krristen Stewart, she was perfect, fully meet the expectations of the role i! At that time only eighteen years old, she was able to act so well, what else would I say? "

27 she is not idle, the director of" Come Swim "film debut at the Sundance Film Festival, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Kristen officially announced as" 2017 Oscar "new members. One of the actress


Emma Watson

-- feminist Curve Wrecker actress


certification versatile acting rod, dubbing completely beat. At the same time, the play maintains excellent achievements, persists in promoting cultural accomplishment, and has classical elegant temperament and modern fashion aesthetic feeling. After the age of twenty, Emma Watson became her own career. At the peak of her career, she entered the campus with the achievement of straight A, and devoted herself to equality, a truly feminist spokesperson.

does not be a princess, only her own queen.

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