You are now "blocking" the setback for the children, and there will be more setbacks in the future for TA!

Children growth psychological counseling

zhizihua· 2017-12-28 20:41:05

some time ago, "national Mother" Hu He in micro-blog posted a son Anji practice video, let a person feel distressed and moved. In the

video, Anji is wearing small tears on its hands and says, "I can't play well, I can't play well. "Then the little man quickly dried her tears and stamped his feet and said," I must play it today! "

next, Anji immediately tidied up, reinvested the piano, the sound of the piano.

Hu He read: "at that moment, I was touched by this picture, the small body is full of stubborn strength, we do not need a dedicated perfect results, but have to adhere to the character. "

in Anji since the last in the" where "the father, called" "Song Joong Ki northeast boy, with" strong> "," warm heart "," tough "optimistic" is countless powder ring.

impressed me is that in the first phase of the program, to the house of Anji was elected to the link, is a better room 1, but he and Arale exchange, get the key to room 2.

's father Sha Yi said conditions may be very poor, after reaching number 2, and as a father, dilapidated uninhabited house, dust is everywhere, no furniture and a daily necessities.

facing down house, Anji did not complain, do not regret it wards, but quickly became. He not only wanted to help my father to tidy up the room, but also try to comfort and laugh at work.

like Anji, giving people the feeling is not warm, even some people in awe.

" is not the face of setbacks and good situation, he can accept, refuse to be cowed or submit challenge, with a brave heart to face life, followed by adults.

, however, in life, we have seen too many children. has paid a heavy price even though they face some slight setbacks.

in September this year, a 9 year old boy was criticized by the teacher for his dictation in school. After school, the boy returned home, ran straight to the top of the 6 floor, and killed himself on the roof.

also has a 10 - year-old boy, because her mother only took her sister out to go shopping and was not in balance, so she took her young brother away from home.

, and around us, children give up after setbacks, and they lose interest in their interest classes. They always like to ask for help from their families instead of trying on their own.

we all know that the ability of to cultivate children's perseverance and setback is the most important in family education. We have made a lot of effort, but the children still seem to be full of weakness and frustration.

" children, is a process from weak to strong. can arouse children's trust in themselves. stimulates children's resilience. Besides 's willingness to spread , it's important for to convince children that they have the ability to overcome difficulties continuously.

many children who can't afford to suffer setbacks and "glass hearts" are lacking in this belief.

has a concept in psychology called "self efficacy" . It was put forward by psychologist Bandura, and refers to a person's speculation and prejudgement about whether a person has the ability to perform a certain act or to prejudge a .

, we will see that there are some children who set up challenging goals for themselves, and are eager to do that. After that, they will feel very fulfilled.

, and even if they don't reach their goals, they will continue to think about other ways.

is more important, when they face failure, they generally do not doubt their ability, but think they do not work hard or the way is wrong. Such children tend to have a higher sense of self-efficacy.

, Bandura said, " self efficacy" determines the degree of effort and persistence that children face when facing difficulties.

we all hope that the child can face the life bravely, because even if we love him again, we have no ability to stop all the wind and rain for him.

, however, when a child goes to an interest class, he always gives up easily in three minutes. When children are frustrated and frustrated when they encounter some setbacks, they always touch our anxiety easily.

as a parent, helps children to form perseverance and face hard courage, which we can give children to them.

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