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Feng Guozhang was most unlikely to be a president in the future because his family could not afford to learn.

Feng Guozhang is from Hebei, started in Baoding lotus college learning, later because the family was poor, had to drop out. Later toubicongrong, into the Beiyang military academy study, because good grades in school to teach after graduation.

is not the ideal of Feng Guozhang as a teacher for all his life. In 1893, he put his Shicheng Nie effect. After the Sino Japanese War, Feng Guozhang to the military attache to Japan to study Japanese identity, military, a number of books these days and months multiplying. Feng Guozhang was beginning to Nie Shicheng, Nie not what reaction; Feng Guozhang referred to Yuan Shikai, Yuan Shikai greatly appreciated, praised him "no more than male military students who".

has a boss who appreciates himself, and is the key to the rise of his career. Since then Feng Guozhang had joined Yuan Shikai's final, with Wang Shizhen, Duan Qirui Hefei Zhengding, together with a great reputation "Beiyang three". In 1903, Feng Guozhang was the director of the military science department of the training department, which was equivalent to the Whampoa  Military Academy of Beiyang factions, and trained a large number of North Ocean officers. The Wuchang uprising broke out in

1911, and the Qing government was sent to Wuchang to suppress the new army. It was Feng Guozhang. He commanded them in four days, the soldiers set fire to the longitudinal Wuchang City, the three day of fire smoke everywhere, downtown of scorched earth, the public and many homeless victims. But because of the crackdown awesome, Feng Guozhang was appointed the two baron.

" Yuan Shikai emperor, Feng Guozhang was a sham, a private joint five province generals to abolish the monarchy. After Yuan Shikai's death, Feng Guozhang was chosen by Congress as vice president of the Republic of China. In July 1917, President Li Yuanhong resigned after the formal restoration, and Feng Guozhang according to the vice president acting president of the Republic of china. Although

was the leader of the direct warlords, Feng Guozhang failed to win the battle with Duan Qirui from Anhui. In 1918, he was expired by the president, and he had to give up his seat to Xu Shichang. But although he resigned, but also has been the big rich. In his hometown, Book of Songs village, thousands of acres of land are surnamed Feng.

Feng Guozhang was just want to take a break, to stage a comeback, but the unexpected, died in December 28, 1919 in Beijing, died at the age of only 60 years old.

Feng Guozhang had one wife and four concubines, with five sons and four daughters. After the return of the three son Feng's home from the study of Germany, he threw himself into the industry. Tianjin mainland bank, Tianjin Oriental painting factory, Baoding electric light Limited by Share Ltd and other enterprises have been established. During the war, the traitor Wang Kemin repeatedly invited him out of an official, he made a sick man to refuse. He left the three house rules for posterity: not seek asylum in foreign concession purchase; two are not allowed to marry a foreign wife to study abroad; three women are not allowed to wear diamond rings, because diamonds are imported from foreign countries. Now it seems to be biased, but the heart of patriotism is common.

Feng Jiayu third son, Feng Haigang, graduated from the Department of education at Fu Jen University, a former member of Chinese Kuomintang Beiping city headquarters. This experience later made him and his family exhausted. Feng Haigang's third son was born in December 1957 and named Feng Gong.

Feng Gong was born in the city of Tianjin Democratic Road 58 European style building, which was built after the previous president Feng Guozhang when the great grandfather. Feng Guozhang was declaring war on Germany and Australia, and to recover its Chinese in the territory of the concession, the house is built in Tianjin German concession.

" Feng Gong grew up in the small building, but the 9 year old that year, young students wearing green uniforms rushed in and hit and hit, the Feng Gong family arrived at a large tenement yard 12 square meters of living.

childhood Feng Gong witnessed their parents denounced the scene. Soon, father Feng Haigang took the hat of "counter revolutionaries" and was sent back to the Book of Songs village of Hejian county to rebuild his family. The family of 8 people lived on the 79.5 yuan wage of the middle school teacher and his mother.

Feng Gong is a good player to play table tennis. It is the "first board" in school. At that time, because of the "Ping-Pong diplomacy" between China and the United States is breaking ice, so table tennis has been paid attention to all over the country. But sending outstanding District Sports School, second, third are elected, but Feng Gong was the first brush down. The reasons are obvious: the counter revolutionary family background. In

1970, Feng Gong read the first two. At that time, Ma Ji and Tang Jiezhong talked about the comic of friendship, which is very popular. Feng Gong joined the cross-talk in Tianjin's performance, which was very popular and even spread to Ma Ji's ears. Ma Ji and Tang Jiezhong wore a mask to Feng Gong's Tianjin twenty-sixth, and heard Feng Gong's cross talk in his office.

then Ma Ji took the mask and said, "what about being my apprentice and learning to talk to me in the future?" You can imagine, now Eason Chan Jay Chou to hear you sing the song that I teach you to sing, what is your mood, when Feng Gong is what mood.

later a number of Army art troupe to Tianjin named Feng Gong, but a look at the table and political family background, all walked quietly. In that time, let a "reactionary warlords" descend to the proletariat's revolutionary ranks? Who has such a great courage?

, like table tennis, twenty-six of the people who are not as good as Feng Gong are one by one.

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