"Kung Fu Boy" red border

Kung Fu Wang Yun border pilot Shaolin Boxing

· 2016-04-17 17:44:06

< p > there stretches soars into the days of snow mountain peaks, uninhabited isolated outpost Nitto, twists and turns the ups and downs of patrolling the roads... A "Karate Kid" red border story is being staged here. < p > Yun eight years old and Budo become attached to become a Shaolin disciples, martial arts for more than 10 years, to join the patriotic seed in his heart quietly planted. The autumn of 2014, Wang Yun gave up part-time martial arts coaches work to join the military, came to Tibet Chayu a frontier regiment.

Chuquan imposingly, gunfa and rigid...... Wang Yun quickly into xinbinglian man of the hour, group leaders have seen his martial arts was full of praise, with respect to the border to a military physical training potential "martial coach". Asked about the whereabouts of Wang Yun, said: where the hard to go."

for the first time in the patrol, Wang Yun took the lead weight 40 kg. But due to the lack of experience, in crossing a more than 4000 meters above sea level of the Mountain Cloud Wang out of the team, panic stricken and the foot sprain, and patrol the Wang Yunbei back to the campsite, is already two o'clock in the morning. < p > the "service", Wang Yun understand a truth, border cannot light by a cavity blood, but also to exercise comprehensive strength. He CF maps, sand table of patrol route repeated studies, the position of the fork in the road, rapids, ravines, cliff is he felt clearly; to veteran advice experience patrol, "sleeping bag put pepper can pest control, the edge of the tent sprinkles realgar can drive the snake" and other patrol tips is he one by one down. Plum flower. By the end of 2015, Wang Yun was named "the regiment soldiers patrol".

the well-known border bitter, the most bitter is road patrol. Because of the long patrol, some soldiers suffering from disease, lumbar muscle strain, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.. Wang Yun with Shaolin boxing, footwork, to shoulder waist leg movements as the focus, to to create a border aerobics, through repeated modification of refining, in "pilot" after the success of the companies, now in the promotion of the whole regiment, won comrades praise.

"you want to thank life's adversity." This sentence is the beginning of martial arts master Wang Yun taught life motto, conquer the border of the mountain, Wang Yun has been on the road.