[6.3] Changzhou exhibition focus, only for the achievement of a legend: argosy electric vehicle

Electric vehicles Changzhou legend

diandongcheshangqing· 2016-05-17 05:05:05

achiever initially to motorcycle manufacturing and famous in the world, its strong financial strength and talent reserves has been the industry take delight in talking about. Person in charge told us, in this exhibition company electric car from Wuxi Bashan Vehicle Co., Ltd., which is kangchao group's responsible for R & D and production of electric vehicles, set up in the electric car industry is one of the bases of Wuxi, proximity is superior geographical advantages, the achiever of the electric vehicle in terms of production or sales have twice the result with half the effort.

motorcycle production experience, advanced management idea, abundant capital, excellent technology. These highly valuable elements are good, can say let the argosy electric vehicles have been in the starting line won.

it is known to all, at present, the electric car market competition is intense, product with a serious, the electric car industry need to have individual character identification products, argosy today can be said in a certain sense fill the gaps in the industry, with its professional engaged in R & D and production of motorcycle 20 years, more focus on technical research and new technology development. Very rich achiever is the best interpretation of the electric vehicle product concept. Yochi can achieve today's reputation, and its good at innovation is cannot do without.

more industry information;

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