Price up separation to tackle food market corn inventory cost 63 billion per year

Corn stocks price fluctuations policy risk prevention and control no price

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< p class = "pictext align =" center "> in Heilongjiang Province Beian City Dongsheng Xiang Dong an Cun Cheng Peng Wen Jia did not sell the soybean. Recently, the relevant departments of the state announced, in 2016, the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will adjust the policy of temporary storage of corn for the "market takeover" and the new mechanism of "subsidy", reporter Wang Jianshe < p < p > reporter survey found. Experts said the price supplement separation is conducive to resolving our country food high yield, high import, high inventory "three high" Guaixiang, but also reminded, the transition from "policy market" to "market city", to guard against the emergence of "difficult to sell the grain". < p > < strong > grain "three volume increase Qi"

< p > < strong > of the urgent need to structural adjustment

< p > 2015 China's grain output has twelve even increase, grain output reached 62143.5 million tons, increase than in 2014 1440.8 million tons. Behind the bumper grain storage, facing new contradictions. Especially in our country on the staple food of rice, wheat and corn to implement the acquisition policy to prop up and grain inventories remain high, born production, import, inventory "three volume increase Qi" phenomenon.

China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Rural Development Researcher Li Guoxiang said that China's grain stocks reached a record high, but the same amount of imports also continue to innovate high, which is not normal. An important reason for this situation is to our country and the international food prices showing prices upside down, food producing areas and sale price upside down. < p > it is understood that the last round of grain reform began in 2004, was the guiding thought is to go the way of market, but to focus on the shortage of varieties in main producing areas in the implementation of the minimum purchase price, to protect the enthusiasm for growing grain. The scope of implementation started early indica rice and japonica rice, in 2006 expanded to wheat, corn and later on the implementation of temporary storage. No matter is the minimum purchase price or temporary storage policy, is a prop acquisition, by the state to support. Before the

in 2014, China's three major staple food price are increasing year by year. Taking corn as an example, in 2008 in Heilongjiang Province, corn temporary storage price 0.74 yuan per kilogram, and in 2014 reached 1.11 yuan per kilogram. Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Economics and development research Jiang Heping said that prop up the market price increased year after year, directly boosting prices to rise, downstream processing enterprises complain. In addition, domestic prices sharply higher than the price in the international market, the impact of imports of corn serious domestic trouble and foreign invasion system. < p > under the above background, while the yield of Maize in China continue to grow, but imports of corn and corn alternatives also continues to grow, China's own production of corn did not price competitive advantage, to the warehouse, now corn stocks may is the highest level in history. < p > recently, Cheng Guoqiang, a researcher at the development research center of the State Council on "the 13th International oils and oilseeds Market Forum" report pointed out that currently domestic corn inventories at 2.5 million tons, grain stocks at 1 million tons, the State Reserve corn inventory pressure great, only corn inventory costs each year at 630 million yuan. < p > both from the point of view of China's agricultural products market situation or from the point of view of China Grain and other major agricultural products supply sources, two showed that the urgency of China's agricultural products supply side structural adjustment and reform. Li Guoxiang said that the new mechanism of market acquisition plus subsidies, to achieve the separation of the price, is conducive to the full play of the role of the market in the allocation of resources, but also to improve the agricultural protection policy. < p > many agricultural experts said that the current corn structural overcapacity situation, if not for the supply side structural reforms, it is difficult to deal with agricultural products price cap "ceiling", the production cost is the "floor" uplift in the double squeeze, unable to alleviate food production, inventory and imports the three volume increase Qi "situation.

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