Lee Hom contract luxury circle of friends! Come to his birthday party a few stars

Lee Hom birthday party friends contract

zhongqingyule· 2016-05-17 12:47:10

Today is the 40th birthday of Wang < p align = "center" >王力宏承包豪华朋友圈!快来他的庆生会数星星 < p < p >, pregnant with a second child wife Li Liang Lei as he held a birthday feast, he in the morning 3 point multi drying out the birthday party of a group photo, Taiwan gathered a large coffee, netizens soon his luxury circle of friends flash blind, shouted, he is simply hosted the Taiwan entertainment.


>王力宏承包豪华朋友圈!快来他的庆生会数星星 align=

王力宏承包豪华朋友圈!快来他的庆生会数星星 align= center >王力宏承包豪华朋友圈!快来他的庆生会数星星


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