Kuailu trapped payment crisis funding gap by 100 million every day

Crisis gap fund information management

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< p > [special report] Kuailu group settlement payment crisis Chairman Xu Qi: funding gap every increase of 1 billion < article introduction: since 2016, successive occurrence of multiple and Internet banking related illegal fund-raising case, not only undermines in Shanghai over the years has carefully built standardized financial market image, for the Internet financial innovation brought uncertain factors. < p > to enter since 2016, successive occurrence of multiple and Internet banking related illegal fund-raising case, not only loss in Shanghai over the years has carefully built the regulation of financial markets "image, also for the Internet financial innovation brought uncertain factors. < p > "China Economic Weekly" on April 11, just reported in Shanxi Province suspected of illegal fund-raising is a criminal investigation into the incident recently and has received the different investors Kuailu, melting should treasure the two company's complaints: maturity can not deal with, run events and so on.

in the market for the continuous outbreak of suspected illegal fund-raising case at the same time, the Shanghai municipal government in April 5th issued a "city to further prevent and disposal of illegal fund-raising work of the implementation of opinions". This is called "heavy crackdown 20", can curb new illegal fund-raising case? < p > "China Economic Weekly" 2016 the 14 "in Jin partner" micro channel group has been renamed "believe tomorrow"

Kuailu group depression payment crisis

Chairman Xu Qi: funding gap for every increase of 1 billion

"China Economic Weekly" reporter Songjie | Shanghai reported < / P > < p > XU Qi / > from April 6, "stepped" replace Jian Xiang Shi He served as chairman of the board of directors of Shanghai Kuailu investment (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kuailu group), to April 14, held first to honor the work of media conference, less than 10 days time, lost 8 pounds. He slept 3 hours a day, these days has been the daughter of "ridicule" is the panda eye. < p > he told the China Economic Weekly "reporter, March, Kuailu group's deer money and wealth that day outbreak containment investors run, when funding gap every day is 100 million to 200 million yuan. He proposed two sets of programs, but because he was just a chairman of the assistant status, the program was denied. Later "tear the mouth" is more and more big, the funding gap into the "bell", at present every funding gap at a rate of 1 million in growth, this momentum will continue to mid May.

disappeared at the box office: cause a film of Kuailu Department of payment crisis

"Yip Man 3" poster < "Yip Man 3" in March this year released, only 3 days is broke false at the box office, the film Bureau verified not nearly 1 million at the box office after "fast" every company in the hope of 30 million at the box office to become the bubble, "Yip Man 3" the box office eventually locked 8 billion. Fake real events immediately and pull Kuailu group and the actual controller Jian Xiang Shi, the management and control of the relevant financial platform also one after another outbreak of the payment crisis. < p > took office less than half a month of Kuailu group chairman of the board of directors Xu Qi regretfully told the "China Economic Weekly" reporter: "if at that time, the group adopted my proposal, it would not be in this situation now. "

p29 (1) 4 - 6 in the afternoon, the Shanghai Kuailu investment (Group) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai held a press conference, will confirm Xu Qi as the group chairman of the board of directors and chief executive.

4 on the afternoon of June, Shanghai Kuailu investment (Group) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai held a press conference, will confirm Xu Qi as the group chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer.

p29 (2) Jian Xiang Shi, vice chairman of China Association of cultural management, Chinese film fund will, vice president of Shanghai Kuailu investment (Group) Co., Ltd. board of directors chairman, independent filmmakers and investors. < / P > < p > Jian Xiang Shi / >, vice chairman of China Association of cultural management, Chinese film fund will, vice president of Shanghai Kuailu investment (Group) Co., Ltd. board of directors chairman, independent filmmakers and investors.

financial and film to let Shi Jianxiang and Kuailu group quickly became famous and grow, through a series of capital operation, and its control of the multiple financing platform Kuailu, enter the film industry ambitions, more let Shi Jianxiang shouted out the so-called "Internet plus Finance + movie" mode. This mode is not expected to bring the glory, but for Kuailu group billions of cash crisis. In April 5, 2016, Kuailu group issued a notice of dismissal, Shi Jianxiang agreed to resign Kuailu group chairman of the board of directors. < p > speech back in Hong Kong Jian Xiang Shi did not therefore stop vocalizing, he published open letter says he is willing to will be hundreds of millions of individual part of the assets and cash lent day wealth and deer money to try to maintain operations, to ensure that the enterprise's normal operation to the completion of the investors' cash. < p > however, April 8, Kuailu group in its official website announcement said: the letters of some words and expressions may cause confusion to some friends in the media, the contents of the letter represents only the personal views of the Jian Xiang Shi, do not interpret it as the official statement of Kuailu group. < p > it is understood, was Jian Xiang Shi assistant Xu Qi is the first set of programs is let customer payment delay, for the medium and small investors as soon as possible to honor the success, to stabilize the popular; the second set of solutions is suggestions will be closed on the day of the wealth, the deer from the property line be responsible for fallback.

group were negative in the two scheme Xu Qi, Domino appeared Kuailu domino effect. In addition to the deer fiscal, the day of wealth, Shanghai Ling show financial information service Co., Ltd., Shanghai magic ring financial information services are limited, Shanghai very camel Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai day Fortune Investment Management Co., Ltd., easily linking the world (Shanghai) electronic commerce Co., Ltd., Shanghai based ran Asset Management Co., Ltd., is the strategic partner of the Shanghai Kuailu investment group. The platform has different degrees of investors suffered a run.

4 April 2, users found themselves in Kuailu "east of Hongqiao financial online platform to buy financial products overdue payment.

released at a press conference on April 6th according to the group's "Kuailu Kuailu group belongs to information management products revenue payment draft plan" content related to honor the work of the fastest in July 1st this year, the latest in October 1st start; all payment will be completed before March 31, 2018, all payment delay period will not exceed 14 months payment of the contract products after the payment; principle is in accordance with the maturity of the original purchase of financial products for the order, the 4 consecutive month payment completed; the interest payment in the contract period in accordance with the provisions of the contract interest rate, extend the period of 6% years according to a law of interest rates; the company will provide asset trading platforms, financial products can make holders "the products held by the registration of transaction - delivery, and assist in the completion of various formalities. < in the press conference, Kuailu group said will set up a working group on payment, team members including the main leadership team, third-party accounting firms and law firms, on behalf of the client, on a regular basis to the public in reassuring investors, the new chairman of the board and CEO Xu Qi in the press conference said to quickly raise a sum of money, to deal with investors. The next 3~6 months to start re payment, disposal of assets, the preparation of funds.

4 July, Kuailu group affiliates Dongrong online, the magic ring finance, fun funny money also traced overdue in payment crisis.

movies and of 20 department can sell

Xu Qi: buyer's offer just my psychological price 60%

now, Kuailu is suspend payment, disc nuclear assets, the disposal of assets, Xu Qi to the "China Economic Weekly" reporter said, after the crisis, assets of Kuailu sense corporate interests lot. < p > according to Xu Qi, of Kuailu asset of interest, "including God shares, the shares Jiuding, branch of China Merchants, of interest. There are also interested in the film, because we have 21 movies, some have been close to the end of the shoot. At present price is not the price that I want, the price that the other party is the 60% or so that I expect. "<" markets in the dissemination of information quickly, 'branch of China Merchants' after the resumption of trading price is down, the day down more than 40%, behind a large part of the reason is the market knew our hands have. The second know we may be thrown out, on the market has expected value will be low price Guerra, but when I a week, two weeks are not thrown, the price will be slowly returning to normal position, the disposal of assets is also a test in operation of the decision-making and psychological quality. "He said. < / P > < p > Kuailu / > is currently looking for international strategic cooperation, "a is a class of financial services, overseas financial institutions very interested in hope will be their service infiltrated our sales network and customer resources, on the 27th of this month is well-known investment bank about we met in Beijing, there are other movie investors also in contact us, the price is right we must sell, in addition to the" bombing "we don't sell, other 20 movies can sell. Because the "big bomb" the film team is the international first-class actors, we voted 800 million yuan, the film has now raised funds for the 500 million ~6 billion. Xu Qi said.

"with payment crisis has nothing to do

deer money" non-performing assets trading platform for testing on-line

Xu Qi told reporters, in the past few days in the company every day to receive investors, even if it is below 10 million of investor, he will personally received. "If the investors are treated well, the interests of the group will naturally be guaranteed. Investor impatience is very serious, they always hope tomorrow will be able to solve the problem, but this money in a short period of time it is difficult to solve, we also in a desperate attempt to catch up with time, such as supplementary agreement in the legal level all drafted, soon to be to investors has expired. "He said. < p > it is understood, in the supplementary agreement is in the near future to Kuailu customers in urgent need of money, "the first is ranked in the first place and life and health is at stake, the premise is that products must be due, must be the client himself or the relationship between husband and wife, or is the elderly to buy his children disease; there is a crisis, such as March 31 before the agreement to buy a house, if not to give him the money will lead to huge default. "Xu Qi revealed that since April 13, two weeks to the 50 billion yuan assets kits are released," list of assets has been out of is and the accounting firm to communicate, they need some time to confirm the feasibility of these assets and authenticity. Estimates will be released in April 25th. "<" ours in secondary trading in the transfer market, not because the cash crisis and setting, early in August or September of last year, the leadership of the company has in the planning in 2016 to launch the secondary market, on the one hand to the investment processing of assets to provide liquidity liquidity support tools and on the other hand, the deer may and financial institutions, financial institutions, to trading main body toward the direction. Launch time node essence is the needs of the market, some time ago, so many customers come to deer money, all of our employees are involved in communication with customers, demand registration understand customer willing to discount to increase liquidity or loss of interest to the assets into the market, to keep the assets turn out through the market pricing of risk. With the fixed income market above the other creditor's rights transaction mode is the same. "Deer money brand management center general manager Zhang Jiayi. At present for payment, especially development of the creditor's rights transfer module. < p > "did a asset trading platform, before bad assets are in a manipulator, individual held to maturity without payment of non-performing assets, how to trade in the trading platform, we in platform and improve the function, especially delivery process, which is a kind of challenge. How do you make sure that it is true, after the closing, how quickly to, the many Chinese financial product is a kind of exploration. "He said.

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