Ministry of industry and information: the proportion of China's optical fiber users is expected to be the world's first

Ministry of industry optical fiber proportion China

ITzhijia· 2016-05-17 13:53:35

< p > recently, organization of the Ministry of industry to carry out "broadband China media activities, went to Sichuan Chengdu, Mianyang, Sichuan research and investigation of Sichuan construction of broadband, fiber to the home, universal service situation. Peer < strong > the Ministry of information and communication development secretary, said Wen Ku. Last year fixed broadband aspects of the main work is fiber reconstruction project, from Sichuan first built the country's first all-optical networks, "and by the end of this year, the fiber users in China accounted for the total number of broadband users during the year can be basically reached 80%, is expected to become the world's first < / strong >.

State Council issued in 2013, broadband China strategy and implementation of the program, the disclosure of the Ministry of industry data show that in three years the industry's total investment more than 11000 yuan. As of the end of 2015, fiber to the home covers to reach a total of 450 million households, nearly 10 times at the beginning of 2013 "broadband China strategy implementation; fiber broadband subscribers reached 1.2 million, the average fixed broadband subscribers nationwide access rate more than 20MBps, is 4 times higher than in early 2013, completed the" broadband China strategy the main goals for 2015.

China's average mobile connectivity rate reached 4.7Mbit/s, ranking 42 in the world, has more than the United states. in terms of fixed network rate has also improved, the download time is better than Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and India. , 2015 average tariff level of China's broadband fell 50.6%, the average tariff level of mobile traffic decline 39.5%

of Wu Hequan, notes. Three operators in fixed network and mobile network ARPU (average household income) also has a larger decline. < p > China Mobile insiders told reporters that in 2015 the fee reduction initiatives to China Mobile brought about 200 billion yuan to reduce the adverse impact. 2015 average unit price of China Mobile mobile Internet 0.077 yuan /MB, compared with 2014 decreased by 43%; international roaming traffic price 0.48 yuan /MB, down 64%. In addition, the three operators have launched the monthly traffic is not cleared services, the abolition of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei mobile long-distance roaming charges, etc..

China Institute of information and communications policy and Economic Research Institute, deputy director Ma Yuan told reporters, in terms of broadband speed, the main focus of urban fiber coverage and difficulty is the transformation of the old district of optical fiber. May 2015, general office of the State Council issued "on the guidance to accelerate the construction of high-speed broadband network promote the network speed drop charges" (GuoBanFa [2015] No. 41), pointed out the need to "comprehensive security construction of broadband network access", "prohibit any organization or individual without therefore hinder communication facilities or charge unreasonable fees". Industry letter Ministry and the Ministry of housing and urban construction and other departments to strengthen coordination linkage, through a variety of ways to promote local governments to increase attention and reform efforts, and gradually solve the old district and some other public venues admission to the problem.

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