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xindiannao· 2016-05-17 14:31:57

tablet computer in the field of success today, more obvious to people, Surface Book to the avant-garde the design of high-profile innovation into the market, and it can On has formed 30 years PC use habit has much influence, such as bridge desktop and handheld applications divide? No matter whether you like it or not, the new challenge starts!

< / span>iPad PC manufacturers have launched a number of innovative design, but still can not get rid of the limitations of the background based on the design of notebook computer. Without the burden of notebook computer Surface is completely different, in the tablet PC product display only a small part of one's talent quickly into the traditional notebook computer product form market, to show their own technology and a new design concept in the field. Surface Book the continuation of the Surface < span style = "font family: Arial" > to lead the design trend of value, as in the field of notebook computer hard to support PC manufacturers opens up a new way of thinking.

to create content rather than consumer content productivity (Productivity) applications, such as the most common desktop office applications rely heavily on keyboards, regardless of how thin this equipment, the keyboard device can not or "old" Lack, and is an important basis for judging the usability of the product. Used books (Book) not flip portion to retain the keyboard, and turning part of the implementation of Pad flexible characteristics can be divided into the two can be combined and highlight the specific portable, shows powerful. Manufacturers can be divided and can be easy to say, but the challenge of the optimization of the components, mechanical engineering, software and hardware, design and manufacturing, software topology far than notebook and tablet computers are designed to more high, in PC low profit era, willing and have the strength that generous investment is less and less.

as brand extension, Surface Book hardware features, main specifications and design elements and characteristics of span>Surface consistency, 3:2< Span style = "font family: Arial" > screen ratio, N-trig stylus solving scheme, system accessories, slim portable host, monochrome appearance, Windows operating system, Intel Core series hardware platform are maintained on a generation of product form the basis. Due to the increase of the additional body module, Surface Book keyboard handling is greatly improved. At the same time, the impact Surface volume and thickness is further reduced all expansion interface can also been lost "to the ample space to body module.

Surface fans relish integration support design, this is Microsoft canceled, but it also made Surface Book return to the original state in the hands of the tablet computer. Although Microsoft designer said, need to use on the desktop or laptop, body module can play to the support plate, but built in 54Wh battery and independent display card module, and a full set of interfaces and functions of the keyboard base module weighing 860g, than 723g tablet weight module 20%, expect users to carry is almost impossible.

as a intention to change the user form products, Microsoft Surface Book gives and timeliness are more pure product design, to better meet consumer demand for the two application modes. Problem is that has been omnipotent spoiled PC user can accept such a change?

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