Guangrao Shandong serial murder arson suspects were arrested

Guangrao chain arson Shandong

qiluyidian· 2016-05-17 15:50:10

latest news, in the afternoon of May 17th, suspected of arson in Guangrao Dongying suspect Shi Junfeng has been arrested by the police. It is understood that the captured locations near the island in the town. Review of the

previously, police had informed: 14, 16 PM

5, victim Liu Moujing (female, 18 years old, Guangrao Guangrao County Street) in Guangrao County Kumho residential home was stabbed to death.

at 20:40 in the evening, Guangrao, one of the two campuses in an arson case, causing a student death, three students were injured, and now the hospital to receive treatment, and another 13 students in hospital.

evening at 21:20 PM, two students in junior high school was stabbed County School of excellence, is now receiving treatment at the hospital.

after receiving the report, the public security organs to work quickly, is fully cracked. Class= img_box "

local police issued a reward notice.

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