Keep new running and electricity suppliers, was $32 million C round of financing

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[billion euro introduction]  million euro net may 17, learned and keep announced completion of C $3200 million round of financing, the current round of financing by Morningside and GGV capital lead investor, this round of financing after keep will optimize the product function, to further expand the sports category, for the user to provide a good sport experience.

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million euro net may 17, learned and keep announced complete C $3200 million round of financing, the current round of financing by Morningside capital and GGV capital lead investor, investment and Bertelsmann's Asian investment based gold and the. According to public reports, this round of financing after the Keep will optimize the product function, to further expand the category of sports, to provide users with a good sports experience.

Keep is a teaching content and mode of social movement fitness platform, launched in February 2015, since February on the line has been completed fourth round of funding, is the founder of Wang Ning. In early April, mobile fitness platform Keep update the new version 3, which joined the two functions of running and electricity providers, the official start of the electricity providers, the transformation from the fitness tool to the sports platform. According to publicly available data, Keep has exceeded 30 million users, more than 11 million monthly live users. At present, the electricity supplier Keep plate is also very simple, mainly in order to test the process.

with the release of the document No. 46, fitness rose to national strategy, marathon heat and running events rise, fitness has become the new fashion and a way of life. In 2015, the fitness of startups, development like a raging fire, Internet plus fitness development, video teaching, about coaches, fitness venues, monthly about start-ups appear quickly.

class sports and fitness app entry point is from the initial simple meter step gradually to the development of diversified functions, such as: keep, FitTime is a teaching video as the representative of entry to the fitness industry; music power to personal health data entry; plump, Wyatt laps to run social as the representative, the refining of the town is belongs to the class of o2o fitness service. Thinking of the

in addition, there are other from different angle cut into the fitness industry, for example: from the online community and fitness content as a starting point and develop business change now; imitate the United States ClassPass form, line end hall idle resources links, preferential prices sold again to the sale; and a about coach door-to-door service company; from the line opening hall as the breakthrough point, and the use of the Internet, by the line to line fitness startups. The majority of the app

fitness class get level of tens of millions of investment, but the sports fitness app in the content homogenization phenomenon is serious, most fitness company also did not find the profit model. In the future, how to seek differentiation is the key to fitness app to break through the development. Fitness platform Keep transformation of electronic business platform, will have the flow of how to operate well, fully realized worth thinking and exploration. < br />

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2016 -25 June 24th 2009 style=" will be ; Beijing Sofitel Wanda held 2016 China Internet plus entrepreneurial innovation conference.


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