Zhang Yuqi version of our long legs so enchanting beauty

Long legs Zhang Yuqi Zhiruo 3

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Zhang Yuqi turned two dimensional girl

Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi in the event of

elegant appearance


Zhang Yuqi breath sister exposed < p > recently, ZhangYuQi attended a hand tour endorsement conference, a ancient dress with a playful high ponytail, like out of the game in the second element girl, vibrant. The game conference announced surprise two main characters Zhou Zhiruo and Zhang Wuji all endorsement by Zhang Yuqi a person domineering. In the poster's release, ZhangYuQi will Zhou Zhiruo gentle and graceful and Zhang Wuji the kiyotoshi awe inspiring perfect deduction, called the perfect combination of "androgyny" willful "dominate" one arena.

conference, Zhang Yuqi said this is the first time to try one of the men and women who played two roles, is a very interesting experience. Also very happy game to help themselves to complete this desire, there is a kind of person to provoke the whole lake of pleasure. Host Li Xiang also can't help sighing with emotion: "Yu Chi is a spell very girls, work than boys do hard together, this is also her to in two roles can switch freely based. "In the next part of the interview, Zhang Yuqi said with a smile he was" the masters ", asked if himself into a boy, want to do most of the things is" Liao Mei ". Previously, Zhang Yuqi is personal social platform in the drying out of the game in the role of the poster, and laugh at yourself: "into can attack, retreat and tease", causing a large number of onlookers. Netizens have said: "the beauty of her domineering, sister max! "," gentle beauty show heroic, the world has been unable to stop Zhang Yuqi! "

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