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zhongguoxinwenwang· 2016-05-18 08:45:20

< p >, Beijing, Beijing, May 17 (reporter Chen Kangliang) ChinaNetCenter assistant to the president Sun Xiaosi 17 in Beijing said, the Internet economy is becoming a new engine of economic growth in China, to build the core competitiveness of the Internet economy, boosting the Internet economy to deepen the development of, through innovative CDN to improve efficiency of the network, provide powerful technical support for the Internet economy.

Sun Xiaosi was held in 2016, the day of the world telecommunications and information society, as expressed in the general assembly.

over the past ten years is the Chinese Internet initiation and to the top of the world's gold ten years. According to the McKinsey Global Institute had issued "China's digital transition: the Internet on productivity and growth, the impact of report, although in 2010 China's Internet economy GDP accounted for only 3.3%, backward in most developed countries, but to 2013, the index rose to 4.4%, reach the level of the world's leading countries, and more than the United States, France, Germany and other developed countries.

in addition, the Chinese Academy of Network Space Research Institute released by the end of 20, China Internet 2015 years development report further pointed out that the current Internet economy in China accounted for GDP continued to climb, reaching 7% in 2014. At the same time, the market value of China's Internet companies are rapidly expanding. As of October 2015, 328 Internet related listed companies, the market value of up to 785 million yuan, equivalent to 25.6% of the total market value of China's stock market.

in this regard, Sun Xiaosi pointed out that the contribution of the Internet to China's economy has exceeded the United States, the Internet economy is becoming a new engine driving the growth of GDP. The top ten Internet Co in the world, there are four from china. Whether it is search, e-commerce, games or social networking, China's Internet has been at the forefront of the world.

Sun Xiaosi further pointed out that the nature of the Internet economy is the traffic economy, although China's Internet economy has made rapid development, but there are still weak links in the network construction. Especially with the rise of high-definition video, 4K, VR and other heavy applications, how to protect and enhance the user experience has become the core of the Internet era to solve the pain point. The CDN as an important network transmission technology, through continuous technology innovation, can continue to emerge in an endless stream of severe application support, the objective will be to help Internet economy development as well as the Internet economy core competitiveness to create.

called CDN is the abbreviation of Delivery Network Content, that is, the content distribution network. Is a kind of Internet content in the transmission process can be faster, more stable push to the user's technology, the core is in a limited network transmission channel as fast as possible and stable. < p > the personage inside course of study points out, in terms of the Internet, the CDN solution pain like in the major holidays to express little brother the fastest delivery as. But express little brother is carrying goods, and CDN handling Internet content is male. With the development of national strategic Internet plus "and" double coming "era, is a great demand for content distribution and good development prospects of the industry.

is also precisely because of this, the past two years, BAT led Internet companies to accelerate the entry into the CDN market, which also makes a highly specialized market gradually into the public's attention. Market parties were in different attitude, different modes to snatch market "redefining", "price halved, sharing economy" hot words continue to stimulate the public's attention.

but Sun Xiaosi believes that the future of CDN does not lie in the re definition of the slogan, but also to follow up the new application of technological innovation, only the continuous evolution of the industry has the future. Network places in the face of the opportunities and challenges of the industry, choose a through innovative CDN platform layout the future path of development: namely to nodes to sink, gathering content, close to the user of the method, creatively proposed and built to bearing severe application of a new generation of network infrastructure, community cloud platform. (end)

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