Baidu Nuomi Fu Haibo: technology enabling businesses O2O from personalized towards intelligent

Glutinous rice Fu Haibo Fu precision marketing technology driven

zhongguoxinwenwang· 2016-05-18 08:45:37

< p > May 17 - May 17, at the third session of the "Baidu rice 517 cargo Festival" in full swing held on the occasion, baidu glutinous rice in Beijing sync to host "Chihuo power of o2o era" restaurant open day activities. Baidu rice deputy general manager Herbert Franke attended and said, under the guidance of big data, last year, baidu glutinous rice made holiday marketing performance of the spiral, also in o2o industry for the first time, the big data into the guidance to the next line push to, to create a technology push Iron Army, online and offline perfect echo. At the same time, by creating dinner social scene, fan of goods economy mining, multi category cross pull, baidu rice technology o2o is leading industry development.

"in Fu Haibo. Fu can be represented by the ecological efficiency of technology driven businesses catering O2O -- Baidu Nuomi" win-win keynote, the development of the O2O technology can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the group purchase era, online life only full line, typical products a single group as the representative, to attract customers through discount; the second stage is to meet the individual needs of the era, representative products are vouchers, cards, meal, queue, these products on-line to improve the user experience, at the same time to meet the demand of value-added businesses, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs; and third stage is the era of intelligent life, through artificial intelligence, big data technology enabling O2O, enabling businesses, the final result is, through the intelligent secretary, intelligent life Live. And Baidu Nuomi is leading the technology O2O is O2O consumption from personalized upgrade to intelligent. < p > Herbert Franke expresses at the same time, with the collaborative help glutinous rice + alliance partner, baidu glutinous rice through technical means for catering businesses Fu can, providing a full range of three-dimensional catering o2o solutions, to create a new catering o2o ecological. Through big data technology, as well as online and offline ecological synergy, Baidu Nuomi can accurately for the catering business' empowerment'. In addition, with the help of a one-stop Baidu Nuomi smart platform, providing intelligent location, smart shop, smart operations and intelligent management of four intelligent services. Through the 'glutinous rice +' ecosystem, to provide users with 'thousands of thousands of noodles' service."

Fu Haibo said, through big data analysis of user characteristics and aggregation, Baidu Nuomi intelligent location will be able to provide the best shop location decisions for catering businesses. Through the template of the shop page, catering businesses without extra spending energy and time to design online shop page. And for the catering business, the daily operations of the services provided by the "rice +" B-side service members of the alliance "Mei Technology", "delicious without", "off clouds and other personnel recruitment, online queuing, online ordering, CRM management is undoubtedly a big help, can significantly increase the high business operational efficiency, reduce operating costs.

Fu Haibo also to an example to the participants in the field of Baidu Nuomi to use technology and big data to help businesses to tap the business point of the whole process of mining. Through the deployment of intelligent hardware online stores, Baidu Nuomi help a merchant to solve the problem of its long run. Through the store traffic and to store rate, rate of new customers data analysis of, baidu rice precision positioning problem, through depth mining customer group characteristics and accurate delivery of marketing, this family business quickly realized the single week 50% turnover rising, the new guest rate rose 90 percent. < p < p > not only so, Herbert Franke also said that rely on the advantage of technology and data, baidu rice accurate insight into consumer demand, from last year's 37 girls Festival this year to 517 cargo section repeatedly and successfully guide "festival, festival marketing through science, to achieve the performance of the spiral rising. The latest data show that Baidu Nuomi enfodesk, the fourth quarter of last year, food and beverage market share of nearly 30%. < p > at the same time, baidu rice under the technical guidance have abandoned the "sweeping" the promotion tactics, through online and offline data cross analysis, and integration of coverage and data stream, selected appropriate District, regional, store, dispatched the most suitable strength to help businesses to efficiently push, in build a technology to push Tiejun, but also effectively reduce operating costs. < p > Herbert Franke said finally, "Baidu glutinous future will continue cultivating technology developed more innovative and effective service model, and 'rice +' alliance partner collaborative development, for catering businesses provide comprehensive integration o2o solutions, help the food industry to industrial upgrading."

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