Man suspected his wife derailed late into the night to sneak into his wife's home stabbed several knives

Wife derailment Zhou Wang man home

xibuwang· 2016-05-18 08:56:05

Align= center ">丈夫深夜潜入妻子娘家捅其数刀。


husband late into the night to sneak into his wife's home stabbed a few knives. < p > western network (Shaanxi radio and television news center reporter Li Yan Songjie) recently, Shangluo City Shangzhou District, a man while night to sneak into my wife's family, when the toilet on the wife of the unprepared to take advantage of, stabbed a knife after his wife ran away.

, the reporters came to the villages of Shangluo City Shangzhou District night, the woman in Zhou's family. Zhou's mother said, eight o'clock that night, Zhou went to outside the toilet, have never thought her husband Wang night crept into their home, while her toilet unprepared when will she stabbed a knife.

weeks of a mother: baby cried and said mother, mom quickly help, Wang took me stabbed a few knives. The child is covered with his chest to go halfway, I caught, baby fell into my arms, it fell to the ground. She in the toilet, was thought that I go, I'm not shout, Wang a) to the front saw the hands of take knife, she weeks (a) that you want to gnaw it, he said I want to kill you, put she poked a few knives, (Zhou) is along the gutter ran. "

subsequently, Zhou was rushed to the hospital, but fortunately there is no danger of life. But why does her husband have to be cruel to hurt his wife?

weeks a mother said, her daughter Zhou and her husband Wang married for five years, there are two children, the feelings have been good. But last year, Wang unemployed and gambling, Zhou often persuade useless, the feelings of the couple contradictions in the course of time. < p > Zhou mother: "my daughter to work, he (the king) said there are people (affair). He (Wang) is the suspicion, fight all the time, he (Wang) rich. He took out playing mahjong Shuaqian." < p > Zhou mother said, since this year, Zhou has been in her family lived, shortly before the incident, Wang filed for divorce, after Wang he copped out, before this he also used scissors stabbed the Zhou.

at present, Shangluo police have launched an investigation into the matter, the injured injury is the practice of medical identification, according to the results of the police will be prosecuted according to the law of the legal liability of wang.

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