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how to quit the mobile phone addiction, this is an eternal topic. Google app developer Harris Tristan has created a project "Well Spend Time" to explore how to better allow technology to help us live a better life. We all want to get along and let the mobile phone peace, false statement, our goal is to change from today!

if the personification of mobile phone, I think it's a sexy stunner, if slightly control not to live will sink into the temptation of the bottomless pit. What should I do to get along well with my cell phone?
average daily look at the phone number to 150 times, each time to see the scene of debauchery application icon and icon on the annoying little, our heads in all about the application of these ideas was mobilized.
the game card. I'm in the 249 off. See today can not break it?
I today login Taobao receive gold yet? There is a red dot
WeChat unread notification number is 88

us suburban, Chengri face with the temptation, even if the hearts of meditation emptiness emptiness, do not obey the thumb will went in. />

Red such as troubles, mobile phones more is the troubles, let us stop. What should I do about it? Look at the following 7 tips:

a "important" Application on the home page of
mortification of the road, there are two:
  • the desire in front of oneself, exercise their own will: look at WeChat, I can not guarantee that only point!

  • the cause of desire: software objects spare none deleted deleted are deleted!

but the phone is not the enemy. We just think these problems, we can still live in harmony:
    so that we can from the home page to change, stacked in the home application, please find:
1. which is a tool?
camera, calculator, calendar and notes of the. Application of these corresponds to a specific task, when you click on the application, your target is small and clear: camera, count, alarm clock, notes. And finished you can turn off, there is no infinite point into the window, let you sink. But to remind you that the mailbox will not be lost in this category. Style= color: "inherit
2. what is the application that lets you deep down?
3. which is what you want to take the initiative to do?
on the daily headlines about current events, or to exchange opinions and reading a book. These are all things that you feel good, and hope to cultivate habits slowly. But if you have too many things to do, it is recommended to narrow the target, leaving a more realistic goal to achieve it.
so your main desktop should have and these were the only things:
    as for other things, please put in when you have a leisurely and carefree mood will go through the second page of it. If we turn on the phone with a specific goal, the less content we have in our eyes, we will not have to spend a lot of willpower and self-control to resist temptation.

    2, and all he found, as a direct search
    iPhone has a very good use function, as it is a receptionist, ask your errand, and not let you directly in anywhere browse. It is + < strong > Desktop drop-down search function :

    from now on, you can drop down menu, the software you want, by typing methods into play. Maybe your thumb will be in the unconscious state of the point open WeChat, but really want it directly hit you want to enter the application, it should be a little bit better. at the beginning you will feel a bit strange, after all, typing into the application will spend more time. But the irony is that it could be a faster way. your input method can be smart to play the first letter, you know what you want to enter the. And when you enter the "micro letter", "enter" the action itself with the means: are you sure to do this?

    3, in front of the lock is opened tools.
    you will not because want to before going to bed on the alarm clock, the brush brush microblogging until the wee hours of the morning, to remember their original is to set the alarm clock? This is known as the smart phone cycle of the vicious circle so that I almost dare not touch the phone, because I have a feeling, even if you want to get a phone to do a simple thing, it will become a time consuming 2 hours.
    for this problem, maybe you need a "watch keeper to check your errand the. On the iPhone, there is a function called < / strong > < strong > "control centre", you can in the unlock before open the camera, a calculator, a timer, a flashlight, check the time and limited, but has enough functions.
    This do what good is it?
    • you can more quickly to open the application, without the need to unlock the

    in the first point, we put the software into the desktop home, then other applications is not heap after 10 page is OK? Strange to blame.
    do you not have a a strange action: < strong > thumb skillfully about the application of the sliding pages, but in fact you also don't know what you want to do. this strange behavior from the perspective of human evolution to explain, it is likely that we are looking for novelty caused by nature. For colorful icon (visual stimuli) and red dots (new message), we will be surprised, this is a subtle psychological reaction. Style=
    in order to prevent you are unconsciously sliding around the phone, and don't be careful point to open the letter, and accidentally opened a circle of friends, don't be brush down the 1 hour, you can < strong > to the second page of the software category in the folder.

    so, when you download a new application, it will become your phone and a hidden a new "function", and not another addictive signs, and a seduce you goblins, but also as a let you distracted the trap...

    4, tear the application of these attractive packaging. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
    and their behavior science research team began to intervene in the investigation, found that: M & amp; m packing too tempting, lifting the people's desire, these snacks too palpable that eat their own are not found.
    next. They put the snack area make the following changes: the tempting junk snacks into opaque white pot, and cover the lid. The healthy fruit is placed in a transparent glass jar conspicuous, remove snacks attractive packaging, and affixed frigidity label, to tell you: "this is M& M chocolate, oh, it contains 220 calories and sugar"
    < section style= "color: inherit font-size: margin: 32px 5px; inherit; line-height:; 28px;" > the result, a new scheme for employees 1 weeks per person less   9 Pack M& M chocolate! Really so fond of chocolate, like a good sacrifice look, but in general, they did not control the total amount of snacks, but through the replacement of packing, let employees eat so many snacks, and the staff did not feel discomfort controlled! Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
    good...... Back to our little secret
microblogging, micro letter these beautiful or "to cause person to commit a crime" icon is we go! (on! Hand brush micro-blog, this is not my fault! So we need to hide it in the bottom of my heart...... How to hide it? Put social networking applications in a folder. In order to avoid piercing eyes you see the folder in the micro channel logo. < strong > you need to micro channel used in the folder in the second page of the UN.

so, when the micro channel was hidden so deep, you are to relentlessly dug up addicted to them, this is your wrong.

5, turn off all issued by the "machine" notice
we are in the era of attention economy.
Amartya Sen laureate Dr. Chen Yun said: "the next 30 years who grasp the attention of who will be the master of wealth for the future". Your time and the attention you are consuming objects, it is not difficult to understand, why you for a variety of applications, from the micro blog micro channel, even to the meditation class app, bursts will give you send a similar "eat?? "Notice of boredom, like ancient brothel woman standing in the doorway to your pout: Keguan you for a long time did not come to see me? ~
when you know that your focus is money, maybe you will pay more attention to the problem the.
Gloria mark is a study of "attention interference science researchers. He told us that < strong > in the face of irrelevant interference, want again concentrate concentrate, an average of took 23 minutes. < / strong > to ignore these notifications of the price is very high, and the machine group to notify you interfere with your attention, take your time, even let you destroy a morning, if you don't like it, that is a thing which is not worth much. So please do not let the people give you the notice.
but, I always worried that I miss what important event!
you need to develop the habit of active login software, and not by at any time to notice control your life.

maybe you will worry if off e-mail, QQ, micro channel and other social networking platforms notice, will miss what urgent matter, but please < strong > as far as possible in the need to focus the spirit of the time it off < / strong >. Messages are always flowing, turn off notifications and respond to them at a fixed time, slowly, if there is something urgent, you will be "taught" people to use the phone to tell you. I believe you will not be 24 hours in front of WeChat constantly refreshed, ready to call it.

6, difference between different message ringing and vibration dynamic
once your phone and vibration about is SMS, continuous vibration is a call. And now the vibration of the mobile phone can be anything: a comment on the blog, a red notice, a friend punctuate praise, ane mail, a Lofter new fans. Any important not important, when you work with the same sound and familiar with the taste of, "Zizi Zi ~", interference your attention.
you will even hear voices, just a sound, is my mobile phone in vibration? Let me guess. It's a family thing. Is micro-blog a private letter? Why? Could not help but want to see notice
so that < strong > you can be different according to the degree of importance of setting different sounds and vibrations. After all, also is the relationship between accounting and notice what is wrong?
now the functions of mobile phones more and more, but you have not a trace of fear: if the end of the world comes, I rely on the mobile phone to be able to live on. 80% of people get up in the morning the first thing is to see the phone, but they do not think this is a good thing, because: one day in the morning, and I plan on the phone. To lay the tone of my next day, actually is a mobile phone! Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
this way of life and even in imperceptible in the control of our thinking of life. so, if you just need an alarm clock, a camera, a book, then go buy a real one. I believe you do not want to do anything you need to agree with the phone, do anything to do with the phone that the grinding of a small demon lingering, the body is not tired, tired heart ah.
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