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Resignation workplace

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Works feel the anxiety of the workplace, can resignation solve the problem?

In July this year, the 25-year-old Chongqing guy Xie Ming resigned because of his work anxiety. Now, after more than three months, he still has not found a suitable job. He wants to tell everyone with his own experience: Resignation is only a matter of time. For example, now I am suffering from more anxiety because I cannot find a suitable new job.

A lot of money is very anxious

At 11:00 on October 27, the reporter saw Xie Ming at the outdoor plaza of Xinguangtiandi, Jiazhou District, Chongqing, China. 1.7 meters, slim, and more casual. Xie Ming’s hometown is in Zhongxian County, and he is currently renting a room with Nanqiaoyuan Nanqiaoyuan Community. As of today, he has resigned for more than three months.

Xie Ming graduated from a computer science major in a certain position in the city. Two years ago, he entered a technology company in Shapingba to work as a software tester. At the beginning, he belonged to work while studying, and his salary was lower than that of the same department. Employees, more than a year later, Xie Ming's work gradually became more skilled and added a salary. He can get 4,500 yuan a month, "but it is still more than 1,000 yuan lower than my colleagues in the same position. It feels that I am discriminating against my diploma." p>

The most dissatisfied with Xie Ming is that every time the company has overtime tasks, Xie Ming can’t escape. Xie Ming said that his work is generally less money, so he often feels Anxiety and irritability.

A moment of resignation for a while

At the end of June this year, Xie Ming misjudged the data during a test, and was criticized by the supervisor, and said that he would deduct him 500 yuan. Money is a fine. "I used to deduct 300 yuan for the most mistakes. I feel that it is against me." The next morning, Xie Ming submitted a resignation report. "The supervisor asked me if I thought clearly, I said that I thought clearly, he would I approved my resignation. "In early July, I completed the handover of various tasks, and Xie Ming left the company.

"I will not do it when I am too big. I have said this innumerable times. This time I finally realized it, haha." After the resignation, Xie Ming also issued a high-profile circle of friends, many friends commented. "Having courage."

The life after resignation is really wonderful for Xie Ming - every day during the day, I can sleep all the time, get up in the afternoon and take a takeaway. In the evening, I can play the game until late at night.

Take more anxiety

But the joy after resignation lasted only two weeks, and it ushered in economic anxiety - Xie Ming’s monthly rent was 600 yuan, car loan For 1,000 yuan, the parking fee is 300 yuan, in addition to various living expenses, Xie Ming said: "When I resigned, I only had more than 6,000 yuan in deposits. When this fee was paid, it was very tight."

< p> "Some companies require a minimum diploma for the undergraduate course. I can't reach the hard track." At the end of July, Xie Ming began to find a new job, but many resumes were smashed, and some companies contacted Xie Ming for an interview, but they were Xie Ming. They have been eliminated, because these companies either have low salaries, or they say they will implement the "996" work system, or they need to go to other cities.

In addition, because Xie Ming wants parents to live, they are constantly subject to the "soul torture" of their parents. Even friends and roommates will ask Xie Ming from time to time to find new work.

Feeling: Regreting the original impulse

" I feel more anxious than working anxiety, too regretful." Xie Ming said that today, even if there is a big day When I play games and watch movies, I don’t feel any happiness, and all kinds of anxious emotions will come out at any time.

Xie Ming’s roommate and friend Yu Qiangfei, 28, is a woodworker. He said that he repeatedly advised Xie Ming not to impulsively resign. This time, after Xie Ming’s resignation, he was speechless. However, he also recommended the work of building materials sales. Xie Ming, who is used to the office, is not willing to take the offer. He has to lend him several thousand yuan for emergency." So, his original job. How good, now I know that it is very difficult to find such a good job."

Xie Ming finally told reporters that I hope that I can tell you through my own experience, do not resign in the workplace anxiety. .

There is a lot of anxiety in the workplace?

Ms. Xu (32-year-old female finance): After I have given birth to a child, I often have anxiety in the workplace. Because I am busy with work, I have to worry about my family and my children. The solution is to ask my family to help me share the family. I adjust my mood to work well.

Wu Jingjing (29-year-old female customer service): I am about to be 30 years old. I have been working in this company for more than 2 years and I have not been promoted. My biggest anxiety is probably the panic from age.

Jiang Wenjie (28-year-old male designer): I have more work every day, and I have to get up very early in the morning. These make me particularly anxious. I can only tell myself, kneeling. Young, tired.

Yu Jian (30-year-old male sales leader): When you are a small official, you must face both the superior and the lower management. If you encounter setbacks, you will be anxious, except to overcome and solve. Can still be like, can not resign.

Comment: Workplace anxiety is very common to learn to face

The Chongqing Social Psychology Association executive director Tan Gangqiang believes that workplace anxiety is a normal phenomenon, many people in the workplace will have some minor workplaces Anxiety, mainly from performance, interpersonal, professional development, etc., do not have to worry too much about it, and should not be like Xie Ming, in the face of acute anxiety, regardless of the consequences, do not leave the resignation of the resignation. As a workplace person, you should learn to face and overcome this anxiety. You can use the following methods:

1, clear your mind, give yourself a correct career orientation, and work according to your priorities;

2, learn to talk, talk with friends, chat with family, etc. This is a wonderful way to disperse, solve and eliminate bad moods;

3, looking for a sense of accomplishment, it is To resolve the anxiety, the heart will be full of strength and satisfaction.

4. Active communication. When there are obstacles in the interpersonal relationship, take the initiative to communicate with the parties. When the contradictions are resolved, the anxiety will be invisible.

(Editing Chen Haijing)

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