Ren Zhengfei grabbed the man's 5 desires, so HUAWEI was successful

Ren Zhengfei HUAWEI desire risk

MBAzhiku· 2016-05-18 13:40:24

this article from Ren Zhengfei's internal speech. Nearly seventy years of age, he thought more profound, perspective is more unique, in his view, enterprise management to follow the logic of human nature and desire, Huawei can all the way through the clutter stands the top of the industry, is because the team can not only stimulate desire, also can control the desire. < p > the following Ren's speech finishing < p > we often hear a statement, called Epictetus, I think this argument, first, contrary to human nature, the second, no desire is difficult to achieve so-called strong and powerful. Desire is in fact neutral, to a large extent, desire is a driving force for the development of enterprises, organizations and society.

is the excitation and control of desire, constitute a history of the development of HUAWEI, constitute the history of human management of any organization. Success and failure of an enterprise management, good and bad, behind the display of logic, are the logic of human nature, the logic of desire.

from a psychological point of view analysis of knowledge type workers desire can be divided into five levels: first level of

: physical hunger feeling

the vast majority, even can say that everyone has at the most basic level of material demands, the workers to join the business, a degree of freedom is the wealth of the demands of the most direct and simple. Enterprises, organizations can not give employees the relative material satisfaction, in fact, is the most basic part of enterprise human resources.

on the second level security

this is human beings born with an instinctive demand, most of human life in an unsafe state, the more outstanding figures, leaders and inner insecurity feeling more intense. Huawei is because has full of excellent managers of a sense of crisis, but also has hundreds of thousands of heart, have strong sense of insecurity, we Baotuan heating, common in the face of world full of risk, the unknown, fear, only the Huawei's "victory toast celebrate and defeated the desperate to the rescue of the culture.

third level: the desire to grow and ambition

more intellectual level high, the leader of desire, the greater the tension of ambition. How to put these everyone to everyone to do the leader, rise head and shoulders above others, everybody wants to have the power of the people together? The company's value evaluation and value distribution system is very important. When the power of these people, with his desire, ambition, ambition, he would like to play in such a platform to play their own talent, to play their own wisdom. Organizations in the final analysis is to publicize the ranks of each person's ambition, but also to curb excessive ambition, ambition, ambition is to curb all the problems faced by all managers at all times.

fourth level: the sense of accomplishment

is recognized by the community, the desire to be recognized by the public and so on. HUAWEI success has a variety of factors, one of the important factors is the two words - sharing, sharing the development of the wealth of results, but also share security, share power, to share the sense of accomplishment. Divide the money, the right, the right is good, this is very important.

to be the boss of the people, must be the most basic things to understand. First, the wealth of this thing more scattered more, second, power, fame your followers give you, if which day your followers abandoned you, your power, your so-called sense of achievement, you so-called spotlights the images, but as to fortune, will smoke vanished away, but as for the ashes.

fifth dimension: Mission doctrine

only a handful of people is has super ego consciousness of the mission, Steve Jobs is, my Ren probably belong to this class.

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