54 countries are strong in China, "Xinjiang issue" is fair and free

Xinjiang anti-terrorism

huanqiuruiping· 2019-10-30 21:48:21

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On Tuesday, local time (29th), when the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly considers human rights issues, Belarus represents 54 countries. He spoke highly of the effectiveness of the anti-terrorism and de-extremization measures in Xinjiang and pointed out that these measures have effectively guaranteed the basic human rights of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. They particularly stressed that they oppose the politicization of human rights issues by the countries concerned and call for an endless accusation against China. This statement is a powerful counterattack against some countries in the West who are trying to fight against China by "Xinjiang Brand". It also shows that Xinjiang's anti-terrorism achievements and development have been widely understood and recognized by the international community.

(The picture shows the Red Mountain in Urumqi, Xinjiang Park Night View)

Under the noise and speculation in the United States and other countries, the Xinjiang issue has recently become a hot international issue. These countries take Xinjiang's anti-terrorism, human rights, religious protection and other affairs as targets, and do everything possible to siege and discredit China. The latest "play code" is: The United States, Britain, Germany and other countries have recently submitted so-called "joint statements" to the UN Human Rights Committee, calling on "China to stop detaining Uighurs and other Muslims" and so on.

If we regard the joint statement of 54 countries such as Belarus and the so-called "joint statement" fabricated by Western countries as a positive confrontation between "fact" and "prejudice", it is clear that strong China The number of countries is more numerous and representative, and their views stand for the respect of the basic facts of Xinjiang's development.

For example, 54 countries jointly stated that they have noticed that terrorism, separatism and religious extremism have caused serious harm to the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and they have trampled on the people’s right to life and health. The basic human rights such as the right to development; Xinjiang adopted measures such as the establishment of vocational skills education and training centers, which reversed the local security situation and effectively guaranteed the basic human rights of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang; there was no terrorism in Xinjiang in the past three years, and the happiness of all ethnic groups Appreciation, security and awareness are significantly enhanced; appreciate China's respect and protection of human rights in anti-terrorism and de-extremism work. This fully shows that thisthe awareness and understanding of the need for Xinjiang’s anti-terrorism, the Chinese government’s policy of Xinjiang, the anti-terrorism in Xinjiang, and the result of de-extremism are realistic and can therefore be made. Objective and fair judgment.

(The picture shows the century-old Kashgar in Xinjiang The tea house is rich in ethnic songs and dances.

In addition, the joint speech also appreciated China’s insistence on openness and transparency, and invited national envoys, officials of international organizations, journalists, etc. to visit Xinjiang, saying that the people visiting Xinjiang have seen and heard Some Western media reported completely different situations, and therefore called on the countries concerned to stop using unconfirmed information to blame China for unwarranted accusations, and urged UNOCCR and other agencies to act objectively and impartially, and to work according to authentic and reliable information. This shows that the open and transparent approach adopted by the Chinese government in Xinjiang affairs has won the hearts of the people;This positive and positive interaction, debunking lies, clarifying the facts, is "demonizing" the Western forces. Xinjiang's powerful counterattack.

Belarus and other countries have expressed their solidarity with China on the "Xinjiang issue". In addition to fully recognizing Xinjiang's achievements in anti-terrorism, economic and social development, also lies in some countries in the West. The "two skins" approach to human rights standards is generally disgusting, and they have long seen their attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries in the name of human rights. The facts have long proved that the preventive counter-terrorism and de-extremization measures adopted by the local government in Xinjiang have guaranteed the basic rights of the 25 million people of Xinjiang to the survival and development rights. This is an important contribution made by China to the international anti-terrorism cause and also provides a useful reference for the international community including the West. In the face of iron facts, no matter how Western countries attack and discredit, the international community will not agree.

The Western forces who wear "colored glasses" and are speculative, or stop the "demonization" of Xinjiang on the international stage as soon as possible, attacking China's poor performance, this will only It caused a snoring, so that I could not get off the stage. "The Xinjiang issue" is awkward and fair, and it is fair to the people. The attempt to politicize this issue simply does not work.

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