Japanese actor "mother love" angered the brokerage company

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wangyiyule· 2016-04-17 20:06:16

Nakajima Yuto was photographed weekly from Yoshida sheep home frequent access to "img_box" id= class=

" Nakajima Yuto and Yoshida Yo "because of fear of mother love" by Johnny punishment

entertainment NetEase in April 18th reported according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese popular actress Yoshida Yo with fresh temperament, in the "HERO2" to play the female prosecutor burst of red, now has 12 branch endorsements on hand, 2016 is the fastest rising popular actress of her private life, the past is quite low-key, did not think the first scandal broke, and is small the 20 year old actor Johnny Nakajima Yuto in love, two people suspected of cohabitation After the news exposure, it is reported that the man may be temporarily frozen brokerage firm, so that fans are worried. < according to the Japanese website reported, Yuto Nakajima in was photographed for seven consecutive days in sheep Yoshida home after an overnight stay pretty nervous, he took the initiative to contact the Johnny's vice president Kita Kawa, think for yourself provoked a storm of apology, but the other for he broke "mother love" very dissatisfied therefore refused to answer the phone, also intends to him temporarily frozen. < p > in addition, Yuto Nakajima "Hey! Say! Jump" is genese recently touted group, the company intends to forged them into "SMAP" successor, and member of Yuto Nakajima popularity is very high, is now weekly broke "mother love", a plan may be affected, the outside world judged company executives should he resorted to dispose of, but also to its other artists as alert.

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