Li Xiaoying PGONE intimate video suspected outflow Net exposure Jia Nailiang has collapsed

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wangyiyule· 2019-10-31 09:07:15

Users broke the news of Jia Nailiang

Netease Entertainment Specials reported on October 30th On October 30th, several intimate videos of suspected Li Xiaolan PGOne flowed out, and even some netizens guessed that the two were not separated after being exposed by the video soundtrack and mobile phone. Shortly after the incident, there were suspects who were in the same crew with Jia Nailiang. "I am in the group of Jia Nailiang. He is crazy now. He chatted with us an hour ago. Now people are not talking, the whole group is shut down. ".

It is reported that Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaoyu were also model couples in the entertainment industry. Because of Li Xiaolu’s and PGOne’s rumor incidents, the two people’s emotional status has attracted much attention.

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