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The "state praise" that was launched in this context, as a quick-assist auxiliary tool, took on the task of helping users find more fast and exciting short video content, logically similar to Taobao and Taobao shopping guide platform.

Author| Zhou Yabo

Editor| Li Wei

With the goal of "300 million DAU" The fast hand has hatched a new product.

Recently, the short video featured "Young People Love to Watch and Play Short Video Community" app "Appreciation" is available in major app stores.

According to the information of Tiantian, the product developer is Beijing Chenzhong Technology Co., Ltd., and the legal person is the co-founder Yinxin. The company is 100% owned by Hangzhou Youqu Network Co., Ltd., while the latter is a 90%-owned company owned by fast-starter Suhua.

Before launching "State Like", Beijing Chenzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has hatched the original entertainment funny short video platform "Laugh Fan Video", Meng Chong Healing Video Community "Ha Meng Video", and young people The social matching platform is "happy."

At present, in the Apple App store, the latest online "Zanzan" is the only product currently registered by Beijing Chenzhong Technology Co., Ltd.

On June 18, 2019, Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao reflected on themselves in an internal letter "have been thinking about how products have become better, without realizing that the company is a more complex product." The new vision of fast hands is to "achieve a great company."

Starting from the internal letter, the quick hand enters the "combat mode". In the internal letter, "300 million DAU (daily active users) reached before the 2020 Spring Festival" became the first "combat goal." Yan Qiang, vice president of fast business, said that in order to sprint the goal of 300 million DAU, the revenue target of fast-hand business in 2019 will increase by 50% from the original 10 billion.

The "state praise" that was launched in this context, as a quick-assist aid, took on the task of helping users discover more exciting short video content, logically similar to Taobao and Taobao shopping guide. platform. At the same time, "Imagine" also has the opportunity to create a short video form topic list to help fast-handers get more hot spot manufacturing capabilities.


Short Video" Guide"

From the name "Attitude" and "Like" have become the etymology of "state praise". Regardless of the App icon or the enhancement of the UI interface, "Like" has been placed in a more dominant position than the quick app.

After opening the app, users can see the short video under the "Recommended" section and play it automatically in Wi-Fi environment. Compared with the quick master app, the first feature of the state is to add a category label with different colors and corresponding phrases at the bottom of the short video.

Unlike traditional hashtags, this type of color The cards in the form of cards have obvious "theme" features, and each theme corresponds to an expression. After clicking the tag, the user can browse the short video with the same tag. The words used in these labels are often more colloquial, vague but directional. For example, "Thank you for bringing me to the world", "Cry and watch when you look at it" and so on.

A single piece of work can have a unique tag, or it can have multiple tags. The user can "like" by double clicking or clicking the thumb on the right side of the tag. Each tag is a list, and the user’s praise behavior is to vote for the attitude of the video. The highest-paying video per day can appear on the list’s "Today's Hottest" position.

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In the "Attitude" section outside the "Recommended" section, there is a short video that is clearly sorted by label, "Today's Hot Newsletter" Was placed in the top position. The content is probably recommended by editors. At present, this position is a short video of the deprivation of all titles by Princess Wang of Thailand.

After clicking the category label in the attitude column, most of them will automatically jump to the hottest short video under the label today. In less cases, it will jump to other videos under the label, I don't know if it is a data update delay. If you want to enter this label subordinate video classification, you still need to click the label bar under the video as described above.

Currently, App only has "recommendation" and "attitude" "Two sections, which are algorithm recommendation and category browsing respectively. The interface will be more similar to the fast switch to the big screen mode. The biggest difference is that "state praise" puts the author's avatar account display into the comment, and the user can open the comment to see the author's information and add attention.

After commenting into the author's homepage, you can see the words "Selected from Quick Hand: XX". After reading more than 300 short video works and their authors, New Business Intelligence NBT (WeChat public number ID: newbusinesstrend) has not found authors from other platforms in the fast-handed ecosystem (such as station A).


Expanding the traffic pool

At this stage, the daily life is over 200 million, and the monthly activity More than 400 million, with an average daily exposure of more than 100 billion, over 200 million creators have recorded and shared their lives in the past year. Ma Hongbin, senior vice president of fast hands, said that the number of daily active users in the first- and second-tier cities is more than 60 million, and the number of daily active users in the southern region has exceeded 80 million.

But there are only three months left in the Spring Festival in 2020. It’s not easy to achieve the goal of 300 million fast, and you need to quickly expand your traffic pool. This month, the fast hand was handed down to win the Spring Festival Evening Red Packet, which will start the "last battle" of 300 million DAU during the Spring Festival with RMB 4 billion.

Expanding the crowd is also a means of expanding its traffic. Previously, the fast-handed acquisition of the A station, the investment in knowing and cross-star animation, has reflected the determination of the fast-handed expansion of traffic sources through the crowd from the strategic and capital level.

Just today, Fast has also announced cooperation with the Chinese professional basketball league "CBA". At the "National Basketball Ecology Forum" held in Beijing, Su Hu, founder and CEO of Fast Hand Technology, and Yao Ming, chairman of the China Basketball Association and chairman of the CBA League, jointly launched the fast-handed basketball photosynthetic program.

Quickly announced, "We will work with CBA to collaborate on content producer incentives, youth selection training and other dimensions to help CBA spread more widely in China and help basketball creators gain attention, confidence and dignity. Revenue, to create a true national basketball community." This is also seen as an important means to quickly expand the channel of traffic sources.

Activate existing traffic with new products It is considered to be another position for fast-speed expansion of the traffic pool. In this path, the fast hand is also trying. In addition to several products incubated by Beijing Chenzhong Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yunhao Technology Co., Ltd. is a fast-track "exhibition" product incubator. The company has three apps, "Light Sound", "Quick Look", and "Happiness", among which the joy is the merger after the break-up.

In addition, there are still a few product incubation cases in the past two years. The short video includes short video "cosmic video" and short audio video "Judi". Skill learning tutorial short video "UGet", the standard small red book "Bean Field" and so on. Coupled with the wholly-owned acquisition of online document software "to write together" and the second-party community "A station", as well as the picture voting social software "Shrimp Head", the fast-track product line is not rich.

From this perspective, "state praise" is more like an instrumental product that exists as a quick-filling feature. In addition to the community-oriented content relationship with the human-centered core, the establishment of another partial media distribution channel with the theme and topic as the core, so that some content has been changed without affecting the atmosphere of the fast-hand main station. Direct and fast exposure path.

At present, "Tian Zan" is still in the initial stage of trial, and how much practical help is given to the "300 million DAU" plan of the fast hand, and it still needs several observations after product update.

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