Hong Kong police arrested more than 200 people yesterday morning and seized about 188 petrol bombs

HongKong thugs

huanqiuwang· 2019-11-03 14:32:09

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] The mob was violently destroyed in Hong Kong on November 2nd. The Hong Kong police issued a statement saying that more than 200 people were arrested at 1 am on the 3rd. The police strongly condemned the violence and sabotage of the mobs and reaffirmed that they would not tolerate anyone to resort to violence for any purpose. They must resolutely take enforcement actions to respond to social order and pursue all violations.

Hong Kong police released at 2 am on the 3rd of the 11th The statement mentioned that since about 14:00 on the afternoon of the 2nd, some people disregarded the police's opposition and illegally assembled in Victoria Park, which later turned into mass destruction.

The police mentioned that the mobs first blocked many main roads in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai with roadblocks and sundries. They then set fire to roadblocks and threw petrol bombs and bricks and other hard objects to police officers, even on some sections. A wooden board with nails completely ignores the danger to road users and nearby residents.

Police say the mob is on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Streets flow, blockage with debris, organized destruction and arson in specific shops, damage to MTR station facilities, and mobs attacking passers-by. In view of the deterioration of the situation, in order to protect public safety and public order, the Police stopped two districts in the Central District that had received notice of no objection from the police under the Public Order Ordinance. They asked the organizers to arrange for the participants to leave the scene safely and orderly according to police instructions.

The police also revealed that during the 2nd dispersal operation, the police had dispatched crowd management special purpose vehicles, using tear gas, rubber bullets, bag bombs, sponge bombs, etc. to stop the illegal activities of the mob; More than 200 people were arrested at 1 am, including illegal assembly, possession of offensive weapons, criminal damage, and the use of masked items in illegal assembly.

In addition, the statement also revealed that the Hong Kong Police Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (known as "O") arrested 4 men and 1 woman suspected of possessing offensive weapons in Causeway Bay on the 2nd and seized them. About 188 petrol bombs, several telescopic batons and pepper sprays.

Police say strongly condemn the violence of the mob And sabotage, reaffirming that no one will tolerate violence against anyone for any purpose, and must resolutely take enforcement actions to respond to social order and pursue all violations.

According to the Hong Kong "East Net" report, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority revealed that 25 people were injured and sent to hospital at 1 am on the 3rd, respectively, 16 males and 9 females, aged between 18 and 71. Among them, 2 males and 1 female are in serious condition.

The mob also made violent snoring and attacks on arson against the Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch on the 2nd. The Hong Kong Press Executives Association and the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists issued a statement on the same day, sternly condemning such violence and strongly demanding that the police trace and seize mobs. The statement is as follows:

[Hong Kong Press Executives Association Statement]

The Association is highly concerned about the Xinhua News Agency Asia Pacific Branch (Hong Kong Branch) on Queen's Road East, Hong Kong Island. The clothing was destroyed, the glass of the door was broken and arson. The Association strongly condemns all acts of violence against news organizations and urges the police to deal with them strictly to ensure that news organizations function properly and without interference.

[Hong Kong Journalists Association Statement]

After the illegal assembly, roadblocking and violent clashes in Hong Kong Island this afternoon, a handful of extreme violent elements attacked Xinhua News Agency Asia-Pacific General Branch (Hong Kong Branch), they squirted on the outside wall of the agency, broke the glass at the door, and even more people threw incendiary bombs, causing the fire in the lobby. Xinhua News Agency Asia Pacific Branch (Hong Kong Branch) is a news organization set up by the state in Hong Kong to undertake news reporting tasks in the Asia Pacific region. This kind of behavior by some extreme violent elements is a serious provocation against the state news agencies and a wilful violation of Hong Kong's laws protecting freedom of the press. The Hong Kong Federation of Journalists strongly condemned such violence and strongly urged the police to trace and seize the mobs involved in the operation to ensure that the news agencies and journalists have a normal, safe and stable working environment.

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