Japanese media said the purchase of red flag 9: have been looking forward to 10 years

Missile red flag Pakistan China

cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-05-18 17:15:45

is to discuss the relationship between the two countries' defense industry.

this press release does not provide any details of the current air defense system being considered. However, Pakistan analysts believe it could mean a new long-range ground to air missile system in Pakistan.

according to the national defense force news and analysis of the website of an analyst said: "… … may be looking forward to the long distance to the empty system procurement has finally begun to start. "Here said the long-range anti-aircraft systems, the likelihood is known as FT-2000 red flag - 9 remotely to air missile an export model, is by the China Precision Machinery Import and export corporation development.

China and Pakistan have been negotiating since the beginning of this century on FT-2000's purchase of air missiles, but there has never been an agreement. Pakistan 2014 did eventually begin ordered medium range missiles hq-16 more to air missile system, but did not purchase HQ-9 missile issues to make a decision.

national defense force news and analysis of the site's analysis concluded that: "Pakistan's bid may be related to the use of 'red flag' -16 to expand the range of the range of the missile's coverage. Taking into account the tender is referred to the prime minister, and therefore can not be ruled out that the procurement is related to the 'red flag' FT-2000 or -9. "The

red flag S-300 evolved from the Russian made -9 remote ground to air system. Export model of the FT-2000 has a range of 125 km, intends to use the red flag of the Chinese army in the country to shorten the range of -9, the latter range of about 200 km.

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